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4 Savvy Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business

Posted on the 09 September 2013 by Elizabethlmaness @elizbethlmaness

After you build an online business site,  you have to decide what content management system you will use and your method to market it.  Marketing is the focus of all business and how well you do it will make or break you. My favorite methods, social media and SEO are where you can really build some steam quickly.  Take some time and study social media marketing tips for small business. Get a plan of action together and build your business with smart marketing practice.

4 social media marketing tips for small business

Getting the Most From Your Social Media Business Efforts

We all know you have to add a blog to your business website! It’s no secret that it will increase traffic quickly and get more eyes on your site. Get an idea what your blog will be about and stick to your topic. Share this theme or topic across each of your social media platforms.  Do SEO keyword research and make sure you are getting yourself in position to reach your target market!

A Target Market

Have you got a target market in mind?  That is a big one!  If you don’t know this first you’ll have no idea what topics are best or what you have to   offer to offer the people that would be most inerested in what you bring to the table.  What skills and services do you have that can benefit a particular group? THAT is your target market and you need to keep that in mind. What is it that makes you different than your competitors? Make sure you have all of these important factors sorted out as you develop your online strategy!

Provide Value

A fast and simple way to serve your followers and fans is to ask them what you can help them with! Nothing says I care and want to help like asking questions and listening to feedback! Be sure to have a way to get feed back . Your Facebook fan page, your blog comments, and  contact page e-mail all are great sources to engage and get a better understanding of your target market!

Know the Ropes!

Social media has been an amazing source of information about my target market. I learn something new and meet people who enrich my personal or profession life on a daily bases! Building an online presence taught me more about marketing than all the  college course I have taken. Studies show what I saw early on. Social sharing and connections will increase your business and help your websites SEO rank!  If you learn the ropes of social influence  amazing things will happen in your business! After seeing just how much my business was increase by social media, I got busy learning everything I could from successful people online. Not people who “claimed” to know, but people I KNEW were making successful!

A Unique Postion

I have had client after client share the positive impact a social media evaluation has had on their traffic and SEO. It’s so important to learn the right way to  leverage social media! It takes less time and money to be socially savvy with your online marketing!  Many people give up because they never learn HOW to “do” social.  It can be as simple as what time you share something or where you are putting your most effort! This is my unique selling point. I have been there and I know how to help you get what you want from your online business!

Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business Success in a Nutshell

  1.  Know Your target market and be their BEST  Resource! Find out your customers pain points and create products and services to that address their pressing needs!
  2. Learn how to promote your business on social media and keep up with the trends! Social media changes often and to make it work you have to keep up with the trends and understand how it impacts your marketing efforts !
  3. Share and give Value!  In the words of the socially savvy Jay Baer.. Be useful!  You will build your list and following by sharing information of value!  When you give away great value you will become a respected and trusted leader in your industry!  These are the people that I do business with.. see how simple that would work?
  4. Identify and market your USP or unique selling point! Each business needs to have something that makes them different from the rest!  How are you different? What do you have that the others don’t? Name it and market your business with a style that offers clients that USP that speaks to their needs!

Are you looking for the help with your social media marketing? Join me this evening at 8:00 p.m. cst for social SEO marketing tips to get the most out of your social media efforts! If you can’t make this event a recording with be provided to all sign ups!

Leave a comment or question below about Social Media Marketing tips for small business that you use or have a question about!

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