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4 Relationship Tips to Stop Your Controlling Behavior

By Barbarajpeters @CouplesAuthor

Being who you are in a relationship makes the rapport healthy. 

stop controlling behavior in your relationship

Have you ever felt the urge to tell your partner what to do? I think at some time or another, we have all felt that temptation. The problem occurs when we act on it. Remember, as you’ve probably heard before, you are the only person you can control.But somehow, we still think we can change others.

This urge to control someone else becomes an issue in many relationships because most people do not like being controlled.

When you feel the urge to control someone else: 4 Tips to Stop your controlling behavior.

1. Be who you are. Present yourself realistically to your significant other. Do not try to merge into someone else’s persona. Express your likes, dislikes, fears, passions, and limitations without censorship.

2. Learn about your partner. Ask questions and do not feel awkward about exploring your partner’s world.

3. Understand what differences really are — they are opportunities for growth. When differences are seen as obstacles, a couple loses possibilities for better understanding.

4. Finally — and this advice might sound familiar—accept the things you cannot change, and change only the things you can.

Of course, communicate openly and freely without holding back important communication. Withholding information leads to detachment and misunderstanding.
Because you can only change yourself, try working on you. Doing so is as simple as looking in the mirror and asking yourself if you are someone you would like to be in a relationship with. The answer might startle you! Now try smiling into the mirror, and see if your answer changes. When you’re happy and confident, you will be pleasant to be around. This means having personal dreams and interests.

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