4 Reasons Not to Use an SD Card in the Mobile Phone

Posted on the 05 July 2019 by Anees @ZulfiqarAAnees

SD cards have become the best way to store files on your mobile phone (and on almost any device of medium or small size). However, these also have their own problems or “dangers”. That’s why today we’ll give you 4 reasons not to use an SD card in your mobile phone; or, rather, so that, if you are using it, do not think that they are infallible either.

4 reasons not to use an SD card in mobile phone

1. Beware of reading and writing cycles

This is a classic that is overlooked most of the time. SD cards have a limited number of read and write cycles . Yes, just as you hear it. Every time you save a data, delete it or even your device reads it, the life time of the card decreases (very little by little, but it does).

As is logical, official products are much better resistant to the challenges of technology, so remember to buy good brands and not be very successful fakes.

2. Worst performance for the game

SD cards are great for storing your mobile games, but do you know that they perform worse than if they are stored in the smartphone’s internal memory? In addition, as new updates, patches and updates are released for the game , it increases its weight and, therefore, slows down its operation.

In short, it is better that you keep the game on your mobile phone instead of a card, if possible.

3. Loss of speed

This is closely related to the above, but in the more general context. SD cards may lose speed as they are used (due to the cycles discussed above). However, there is an added factor: acquiring a card that is false or of poor quality.

In the current market there are millions of fake cards – and the “millions” are literal – that come badly in series because they are not authentic. The ad announces that it is selling an SD card, but then the reality is that it can be a clone. Be very careful with this, since it is an incentive to lose speed and that it does not work well.

4. And pay attention to file losses

We do not know if this has ever happened to you, but to us. SD cards can suffer the painful loss of files , one of those mishaps that nobody wants to live with your mobile phone. If we tell you this is to opt for the easiest advice of all: make backup copies of everything you have on the SD card with some assiduity. If you have it on your PC … you will prevent it from being lost forever.

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