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4 Ingredient Lemon Cheese Buns

By Ally @allykitchen
4 ingredient lemon cheese buns

Wake up to citrusy warm 4 ingredient lemon cheese buns and your day just got sweeter and brighter! Tender, moist and somewhat addictive! Yum!

Pastry Cinnamon Rolls

Who doesn't just love love pastry cinnamon rolls. I mean when I walk through an airport or maybe near a food court at a mall and there's a CinnaBun store, the aromas make me weak in my knees! Yes, that's the power of scent.

Easy Lemon Rolls

These easy lemon rolls or buns have only four major ingredients. Now that's simple. And, the way I love to make cooking for you.

Lemon Bread

The 4 ingredient lemon cheese buns are a kind of lemon bread because we're using a pre-packaged bread dough.

Lemon Cinnamon Rolls

Crossing the quintessential cheese pastry with cinnamon rolls gives us this delicious delicacy.

Easy Lemon Swiss Roll Recipe

Now this is not a cake dough like you're going to find in a swiss roll recipe. Yes, that's more of a 'cakey' roll rather than a 'breadeee' roll. I love both of them!

Lemon Roll Recipe

Anything with lemon makes me happy. Whether I'm eating sweet or savory, I love citrusy lemon (or lime). It just makes everything brighter and packs a punch.

Lemon Bun

I do have some other delicious rolled bread recipes. Whether you call them buns, logs or roll, you might want to dabble in more goodliness with these recipes!

French Almond Cinnamon Puff Pastry Skillet Cinnamon Rolls Easy Apple Cinnamon Roll Up Pie

Croatian Nut Roll Povitica

4 ingredient lemon cheese buns

4 ingredient lemon cheese buns

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