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4 Great Tips I Received From Women Leaders

By Mochocki @mochocki

I embarked on a new adventure last week. I was selected as a protégé for a Women’s Leadership Program through our local YWCA with 23 other young women.

Our first event was a 2-day retreat, filled with introductions and stories from “real women” in our community. Each woman we were introduced to serves as a leader in their industry.

These women have paved the way for my generation in the workplace. They have demonstrated the balance required to be a working mom and wife. Throughout the 9 hour retreat, they shared challenges, encouragement, and wisdom. Below are some of the best tips shared.

Leaders prioritize. In a busy world, it is easy to get distracted. Women tend to put many things before themselves. A lesson from Angela Kennecke shared that we need to ensure we take care of ourselves. It is ok to put ourselves first sometimes, especially when it comes to our well-being.

Leaders such as Michael Hyatt post on the importance of prioritizing to achieve productivity. Whether it is a life plan, to-do list, or daily action plan, having goals and plans for our lives will help us keep our lives on track and healthy.

Leaders trust. Many people tend to have the “I do this the best way” mentality. It is hard for most people to let go of projects they have designed or trust others to finish a job. Joni Clark-Cutler expressed the need for leaders to let go of perfection and control.

Delegation is a lesson worth learning. We can help lead others, but we need to give them the opportunity to take on new challenges,  make mistakes, and achieve success. This lesson extends outside of the workplace and into the home.

Leaders grow. Learning does not stop after graduation. If we stop growing, we start to fall behind others. Olympia Scott, a former WNBA player, has first hand experience with this principle. If everyone around us is advancing, we are becoming obsolete.

Professional or personal development courses are available through many organizations, such as this program through the YWCA. Additionally, books and blogs can help leaders continue to grow and challenge themselves.

Leaders finish.  Another great message from Olympia Scott was that anyone can start something, but only leaders finish. When we compete, we lead by example. Those we lead will follow our example.

Every move we make is a choice, and the choice to finish can only be done by those who have prioritized, trusted, and grown.

I am excited to share more lessons as this program continues.

What are great tips you have learned from local leaders? Leave a comment below!

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