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4 Fun and Creative Ways to Use Maps in Your Wedding

By Weddingblog2011

I have a thing for maps – vintage maps, new maps, and maps of every kind in between. Recently, I’ve noticed that maps are becoming more and more popular as aspects of wedding décor. This can be a really great way to add décor for a travel-themed wedding, or go with a vintage feel. Here are 4 fun and creative ways to use maps in your wedding.

Map Bunting

This is a cute way to use maps in the wedding décor, and super easy as well. Simply cut out your triangles (all the same size), fold the top over and place a string in the fold, and sew with a basic stitch on your sewing machine.

Map Bunting

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For this idea, you’ll need a map of where the bride is from and one of where the groom is from as well. Cut the maps into hearts and glue onto a sheet of construction paper (whatever size you’d like). Fit the construction paper into a frame and place the frames next to the wedding cake or wherever else you’d like.

Mini Rosettes

You can create mini rosettes to hang wherever you’d like for the reception – and they’re super easy! Simply cut a small square from a map (you can make the squares in alternating sizes). Next, fold the square in an alternating way, just like if you were going to make a fan. When you’ve finished, fold the “fan” in half and glue the sides together so that it opens into a rosette.

Heart Garland

For another great banner-style hanging, you can cut hearts from old maps and simply glue them to a long string. This creates an attractive and fun garland.

Heart Garland with Maps

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Voila – 4 great ways to use maps in your wedding décor. Use these for inspiration and come up with your own unique ideas.

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