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4 Extracurricular Activities Every Student Must Indulge In

By The Shri Ram School
A lot of people, especially parents, are of the opinion that extracurricular activities are just meant for entertainment which, in fact, is not true. The role of extracurricular activities in the overall development of a child can’t be ignored.       
To safeguard the interests and hobbies of students in this era of hi-tech gadgets and smartphones, it becomes all the more important for parents and teachers to motivate their child (respectively) to take part in extracurricular activities.
Below-mentioned is the list of 4 extracurricular activities every student must indulge in. Have a look: 
•National Cadet Corps
One of the most important extracurricular activities organised by schools and colleges, National Cadet Corps help empower kids from the very beginning. The minimum age limit for NCC is 13 years. NCC cadets learn about a lot of things including survival practices, camping, discipline, handling crowd etc. A number of vital life skills can be inculcated in a child through NCC camps which further help him/her grow in the right direction. 
•Quiz Contests
Every prominent ICSE school in Gurgaon boasts of their erudite quiz contests. These are held on a regular basis to impart knowledge to students in a creative manner. As a reward, certificates and prizes are given to the students. This not only enhances their knowledge around various subjects but also boosts their confidence. 
•Debate Clubs
Debate clubs exist in various schools of Delhi-NCR. These debate clubs organize number of interschool and intra-school debate competitions to make students aware of the on-going issues and check how well they perceive them.  From inculcating oratory skills in the child to developing a rational mind-set, debate clubs are great for the overall development of a child. They also help him/her understand how to put forth his/her viewpoint without indulging in arguments or spats. 
Schools in Delhi-NCR are putting their best efforts to help children grow beyond academics. Be it sports or extracurricular activities, schools are positive about granting students their individual space where they can learn and evolve. When they grow up, these life-skills (which they must have developed during their childhood) tremendously help them become better individuals and lead their life well. 
Parents who don’t allow their children to take part in extracurricular activities ought to look beyond the obvious. In spite of considering these activities useless for their kid, they should motivate them.

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