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4 Different Types of Window Tinting and Its Benefit

By Smadison

Do you know what is window tinting? Tints act as a shield. They can protect your car interior from harsh UV rays and also keep the interior cool & provide comfort. Window tinting also offers more privacy, reduces glare and prevents your car's upholstery from wear & tear. Window tints are available in various types. Experts can easily install the tints. Here are different types of window tinting.

If you are looking for the lowest priced window tint for your car, dyed window tinting is just the perfect choice for you. It is relatively very inexpensive. It helps to block sunlight. This type of window tint absorbs heat from the sun & protect your car interior. Dyed window tinting offers more privacy due to its opaque appearance. Although it offers less protection as compared to other films. It starts to fade away and therefore you'll need to replace with a new one.

Metalised window tinting

Like dyed window tinting, metalised window tinting is also used to filter out heat by reflecting the sun rays. However, instead of dye, it uses metallic particles so as to block sunlight. It is an invisible window tint. It adds strength to your window. The shatter resistance will significantly increase if you install metalised film over your car's window. It is scratch-proof in comparison to dyed window tint.

Hybrid film is the combination of both dye and metallic particles. The combination of both particles is titanium & grey dye. This combination is neither mirror-like or reflective nor too dark. This window film is bright and gives satisfactory results. It offers privacy by blocking UV rays and heat.

Ceramic window tinting

If you're looking for a very high-quality window tinting for your car, ceramic window tinting is a perfect choice. Ceramic window tinting contains ceramic particles which are non-conductive in nature. It's performance is outstanding. This tint is expensive. It doesn't block visibility but still can block up to 50 per cent of solar heat.

4 Different Types of Window Tinting and Its Benefit

These are the different types of window tints and their benefits. Window tinting is great. It protects the interior of your car and also reduces glare. After reading this article, you might have some ideas about window tinting. If you're still confused which one is best, take expert's help. They will help you.

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