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4. Buy a Bottle of Cadello from Honest Grapes #Cadello #Drinks #Liqueur #HonestGrapes

By Djridings @fivethingsnow
4. Buy a bottle of Cadello from Honest Grapes #Cadello #Drinks #Liqueur #HonestGrapes


Cadello will blow your mind. Its creation was inspired by what the Venetian nobles would have served at their masked balls during the peak of the Venetian Empire.

4. Buy a bottle of Cadello from Honest Grapes #Cadello #Drinks #Liqueur #HonestGrapes

It's made from eight quailty ingredients from Italy and from places along the Old Silk Route. It is produced by a 150 year-old, family owned distillery in the Valle dei Laghi, north of Lago di Garda in Trentino, not far from the famed vineyards of San Leonardo.

The master distillers only select the best and highest quality ingredients and then separately infuse them to ensure a brilliant finish. Once the infusion process is complete, each ingredient is individually distilled. The ingredients are then carefully blended and aged in French oak barrels. Cadello's unrivalled long, 50 second finish unveils flavours of coffee, chocolate, cocoa, star anise and vanilla, with hints of hazelnut, mint, caramel and toffee.

4. Buy a bottle of Cadello from Honest Grapes #Cadello #Drinks #Liqueur #HonestGrapes

Sexy, nuanced, incredibly smooth (yet complex) on its own, it also mixes well in various cocktails. Think Sazerac... "Italian Nail"... Espresso Martini... and we have found that it also works brilliantly mixed with a great Gin.

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