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4 Award-Winning Small Spaces

By Dwell @dwell
The results of the American Institute of Architects' 11th annual Small Project Awards are in—and Dwell has the scoop on the smartest spaces under 1,000 square feet. Slideshow 850-square-foot house in California designed by Cooper Joseph Studio is anchored into a hillside with concrete retaining walls.

Small House in an Olive Grove
Geyserville, California

The owners of this one bedroom house, designed by Cooper Joseph Studio and located on an agricultural property, wanted an energy-efficient building that utilized views of the surrounding valley and integrated with the rustic countryside. At a mere 850-square feet, the house is anchored into the steep hillside with a series of concrete retaining walls. The site strategy incorporates cascading decks embracing the slope, relating the inside and outside at every level. Photo by Elliot Kaufman.

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