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4 Archetypes of a Startup Investor

Posted on the 09 February 2011 by Cameronchell


People make investments for a multitude of reasons, and it’s not just about money. You can invest time, energy and resources into projects without ever putting in a cent. That’s just some of the diversity of the word invest.

What that means is when you’re investing in a startup company there are more factors at play then how much money you’re putting in and how much you’re getting back. This isn’t to say that won’t be a large factor in your investment, just that it may not be the only one.

From our view there are four archetypes that people draw from to create their investment behaviours. These may change from deal to deal depending on the startup you’re looking at and as your grow with your experiences as an investor.

In the coming posts we plan to go into depth about these four archetypal behaviours which are:


1) The ROI Investor

2) The Passion Investor

3) The Support Investor

4) The Contribution Investor


As we mentioned prior, not ever investor falls neatly into one category, but instead tends to exhibit qualities from each archetype. By understanding not only what the investor types are, but where on a scale you fall as an individual investor you are able to see where your tendencies lie when it comes to examining startups and where your strength lies. This is important because it is imperative to not invest alone. When you approach startup investing by yourself you are blinded by your own strengths. The importance here becomes bringing together a group of investors that carry different strengths and different weakness which even out the group.

As we progress through these investor types we hope to help you map where your tendencies lie which we will discuss in further detail after discussing the four archetypes.

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