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3RD WORLD WAR? By Ayo-Oluwa Obafemi

By Samoluexpress @Oluwasegunsomef
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World War 3

I grew up with a keen interest for Late Tom Clancy’s books. A great novelist who brings out the best in my ability to create events from what I read. His books are centred majorly on America’s relationship with other countries, their fight against terrorists, political power plays and the likes. His books follow a series that had been on since the 80s. Through him, I’m a little aware of some technicalities that bring about trade-off between countries.

What sparked up the second World War was as simple as Germany infringing on Poland despite the warnings they received from the US and her allies. It was basically a war fought by Germany, Italy and Japan against the US, Great Britain, Soviet Union, China and Japan.

The circumstances involving Ukraine and Russia presently is not a far cry from what happened then. Those who follow recent happenings have begun ringing alarm bells on the possibility of a World War. Conspiratory theorists are stringing out trends and matching facts together and all they see is an impending doom.

Russia is subtly gathering momentum by gradually taking over soviet territories as can be seen in Crimea and bringing in former Soviet union countries together.

Vladmir Putin, the brain behind this “take-over” is tactically astute and has enough tricks up his sleeves to make the White House quiver. He worked with the KGB (Russia’s spy agency) whose reputation for intelligence gathering can only be rivaled by perhaps US’ CIA. Prince Charles likened him to Hitler which wasn’t taken lightly by Russia though.  Putin’s Soft Spot for the Soviet Union not in doubt.

Enough power play is in place as US have already placed a ton of sanctions on top Russian Citizens with the aim of crippling the country.

Russia on its own has an ally in China. China’s close relationship with Russia is no secret as can be seen in the pact they signed few days ago which makes Russia a major supplier of gas to China. This union is not without some “Scratch my back, I Scratch your back” boon. Ukraine on other hand signed a treaty with China whose conditions are that China won’t use any nuclear weapons on them and if Ukraine is given a nuclear attack or threatened by such, China should be able to give cover.

America has an ally or rather friendship of convenience with Germany and also America’s long frienship with Israel is still in place as Israel has warned Russia. America who act as the world’s watchdog are not in this for nothing. They pretend to have no interest but hypocritically support the crooks in authority in Ukraine. I don’t support any of them as their activities are seriously crippling Ukraine.

A spat between American and Russia is not good enough to even have a nightmare about. Both countries reason rationally but with America throwing tantrums, sound judgment will soon be thrown to the wind. Russia’s military strength and Arsenal is a landmine which America won’t wanna trample upon.

Meanwhile, North Korea is garnering strength behind the scenes with their nuclear pile which they keep testing and even threatened to use on US and South Korea sometime in January. Hilarious?? You can’t bet against that threat. Also, Israel and Pakistan have their long tussle for land supremacy still fresh. Africa is not left out with many instabilities in governments around the continent. Nigeria has its fair share of such instability.

Similarities are there for the taking. Will there be a 3rd World War? I’ll say YES. Will it be now? Not Likely. But very soon it’ll happen just like the Bible revealed. Watch Out!!


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