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By Winyeemichelle

The annual Daisybutter p r o j e c t. Each year I like to set myself a project, a challenge of sorts for the 12 months ahead. Last year I took on Project Life and successfully documented an entire year in photographs, cuttings and scribbled notes and the year before I did the Jar Project. I've always kept some form of diary (yes, one of those handwritten Groovy Chick notebooks with the plasticky lock!), an Xanga, a Freewebs site, a LiveJournal, Myspace... I've been everywhere!
2016 sees me get back to my notebook. I did this back in 2011 and 2012, undocumented online, filling the pages of a notebook with not-daily musings, lists (of ideas, objects, places, etc.), amateur doodles, writing prompts, favorite words, phrases I wanted to begin adopting into my own vocabulary... just any oddment that popped into my head, and it was fun. I can't find them for the life of me but I liked the spontaneity of noting down whatever I fancied on that particular day. So I want to do that again! My blogging clan gifted me this beautiful hardback '365' notebook - it's from kikki.K - which means I get a day off because of the leap year, and I've already taken to my daily scribbles with enthusiasm and fervour.
01. Listing my goals and hopes for the year.
02. Excitement about my new rice bowls! I added in a photo for good measure, because I loved the process of shooting this.
03. 'Things to do on a Sunday.'

Some of the things I've already added include a simple handwritten list of my 2016 goals and hopes, as documented in this post, a little printout of a photograph I shot & a casual list of things I like to do on a Sunday. Since shooting these photos, I've also added a list of books I've particularly loved reading, some words about my impulse-meets-considered decision to move back and a list of favorite feelings when I've slept well. I'm hoping to slowly introduce daily gratitude notes to each page (I tend to Instagram these or just never consider what I'm grateful for - eek!) See? All sorts of random oddments!
PS. Who'd like a little post and miniature review of my Happiness Planner? x

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