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35 Shots of Rum

Posted on the 27 March 2011 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
35 Shots of RumDirector Claire Denis's 2008 film 35 Shots of Rum has been compared to an Ozu film and I think that's a good association. Her film is reflective, passive, and observant. It is not marked by action, high drama, or plot developments. It tells the story of a young woman living with her widowed father in an apartment in Paris. She has started seeing a neighbor socially, and this courtship threatens the tight knit and borderline unhealthy relationship between her and her father. Meanwhile, he seems to be struggling with his impending retirement and is also weighing his feelings for a friend who has felt strongly towards him. 35 Shots of Rum isn't a difficult movie to sit through. There are some nice visuals and the story passes steadily. Still, I wouldn't recommend it to an impatient viewer, but for someone looking for a poetic, reflective piece of filmmaking to savor, this is just that film.

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