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31 Weeks

By Eatingcrowpie @eatingcrowpie
I'm a day late posting this. I should have written it yesterday, but I just ran out of time.
Boots snapped a few hurried pictures of me after I didn't do my hair (it's been raining a week straight, can't fight the frizzies) and before we ran off to town. We stopped at the rug store and bought (surprise!) a rug for the baby. Can't wait to roll that baby out and stare at it. Then we hopped over to the phone store and I finally got a new phone. This one gets picture messages and has a camera/video camera that's really going to come in handy when the kid gets here. Then after a quick bite at the mall and fast looks at "too big for infant" clothes in two kids stores we schlepped off to baby class #3: Caring for Your Infant.
You saw the picture of Boots and the plastic doll, right? So silly.
We watched another graphic video, I think I'm getting desensitized to nekkid "bottle" parts which is probably a good thing since baby class #4 is Intro to Breastfeeding. And the teacher said I need to bring Boots! Really?
She was serious; apparently he has a part in this too, although I'm having a hard time imaging what.
I briefly spoke to another girl that is hoping to have an unmedicated birth on her way out the door after class was over. Wish we'd of had more time to talk. (The nurse/teacher {different one this time} is so prodrugs it ain't funny. She joked that she wanted her epidural before she got to the hospital. Probably not a joke though.)
Back to 31 weeks! This past week I experienced something I have never before been through ever in my entire life: the heartburn. It's so gross. Like a cold, burning sensation in the back of my throat that makes me wanna laugh at the carpet. I've been eating chalky antacids like they're candy (tropical berry, tastes pretty good actually) and no matter what I eat I can't sleep at night. The first night I seriously thought I might die. Besides Rolaids, what else spells relief?
Sometimes I swear this kid can do the splits. I'll feel two bumps in completely opposite corners, think left ribs and right hip, at the same time. Or maybe he's kicking and fist bumping. Tonight it feels like he's trying to kangaroo kick his way out of my belly button. (I don't know he's a he, I'm just guessing.)
Tomorrow is another baby doctor appointment and the day Rachel asks all the questions she should have asked at the very beginning but didn't know to. Big day!
31 Weeks
31 Weeks
31 Weeks

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