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3000 Year Old City with Mud Bricks Discovered in Egypt

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Archaeologists in Egypt just discovered, unearthed, a 3000+ year old city, near Luxor, that they are calling the Golden City of Luxor.
Along with the discovery of pottery and remnants of jewelry (among other things), they also discovered mud bricks bearing the seal of the Pharoah, Amenhotep III.
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fascinating. And interesting with the mud bricks discovery - this might match up with what is related in the Torah, and the timing of 3000 years is right in sync with that as well. They should do some DNA testing to see if they find Jewish blood or remains there, as we learned that they would use Jewish babies in place of bricks during the bondage of Egypt. We don't need archaeologists to find discoveries to prove the Torah true, but I find it fascinating when we do find such old remnants, especially when they do. And maybe mud bricks were just the standard back then and this is not necessarily a city built by the Jews. I don't know, but I find it fascinating.
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