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300+ Free High PR Directory Submission List For 2017

Posted on the 16 December 2016 by Genuinework789
300+ Free High PR Directory Submission List For 2017

Webmasters always strive to get quality backlinks for their blogs and website, and they don't want to leave any chance which gives them backlinks.

Present-day of blogging is mostly depended on the quality of links so; sites always try to get the quality links to their sites.

Now, whenever people are thinking about the link they will go to the directory submission sites to grab quality backlinks.

But are you sure directory submission is still a valuable point in building quality links?

If you have this sort of question on your mind means then, here is your solution.

Directory submission is always a powerful way to get high-quality backlinks towards your sites. Most of the pro bloggers and seo geeks still use these tactics to get new and quality links to their sites.

But, the only problem with directory submission is you should get approved to get a backlink from those sites. And here many bloggers will fail because they just don't take much care in filling their detailed description like Meta keywords, description and title for the web directories.

So, this is the main cause why many can't get through this process. But if you want to get approved by those directory submission sites then you can simply do that just by concentrating on filling your blog particulars in the web directories.

You should be careful while filling your profile always include few Meta keywords don't include more keywords. Make sure you check your spellings and grammar errors before submitting to web directory these are few points you should take care of to get approved by web directories.

Most of the newbies always find it hard to find a list of high quality and free PR Directory Submission sites which can improve their site. Now if you are the one in search of the list, then you don't have to worry any search for other places.

Here, I am producing a list which will improve your site and also makes your site authoritative with those links.

I mainly use and advice this directory submission list to all my audience and friends. So you can also use this list to improve your site trust.

After listening to my words, you might be thinking why the heck I should focus on directory submission?

If you have this question in your mind, then I'll be solving that as well.

Webmasters and bloggers always try to improve their blogs by implementing different seo tactics, and many use different ways to improve their seo. Now, if you are a webmaster then mostly you might use, blog commenting, forum posting, guest post, etc. But along with these web directory submission is important as well.

Many popular bloggers and seo geeks make use of this directory submission in seo to gain the potential to increase their seo.

Here are few advantages of web directory submission in seo:
  • Directory submission helps you to achieve better search engine ranking. Because by submitting to web directories your post will have a potential to reach a huge audience and it will be a real factor to rank well in Google.
  • It will help to increase your link juice of your blog, and it will also increase your authority of your blog.
  • You can index your blog posts and pages faster if you submit them to relevant directories.
  • You can improve your blogs reach and get more traffic from the directories.
  • You can improve your keyword relevancy.

These are the few points in which show the importance of the directory submission.

Directories will have a different set of principals depending on the rules and regulation of the directory. Mostly each and every directory will have the same round of principals with little changes.

Let's discuss a few points about the principals of the directory submission.

-> The title is Compulsory:

Each and every list will ask to enter a Title which is mostly the websites name in that section. Do write your website name.

However, few directories don't accept titles URLs so make sure you give a unique title to your blog in that directory.

Make sure you follow all these points:

  • The title should be relevant and descriptive.
  • The title should be meaningful and easy to understand.
  • Avoid using symbols in your title and make sure you add your title 20 to 50 character counts.
  • Make a title that is easy to pronounce and easy to remember.
  • Avoid Symbols or numbers in your title.
  • Make It Simple and keep up to the point.

-> Description:

All ways description plays a significant role in judging the profile or a website. SO make sure you have a nice and attractive story which says about your blog. Make the description interesting so that people can be attracted towards your blog.

-> Keywords:

Don't do keyword stuffing in directories submission. Just make sure you just added one reasonable keyword in a perfect position.

-> Select A Perfect Category:

Make sure you select a proper category in those directories because most of the bloggers make this mistake and get rejected.

-> Add URL:

Finally after giving all the information about your blog and all, just make sure you add URL in the directories and also if possible add it at your profile it will be helpful.

->Add Email:

Add your email address and verify your email address to get latest new and subscription of the directory and not only that it will be helpful for other people to contact you.

Along with these try to make sure you submit useful links of your site and post them once, don't spam the directory if you do so they'll remove you from their directory.

Now let's go ahead and check the list of free high PR Directory submission sites.

This is all about the Free High PR directory submission site. Use this list and improve your blog, if you have any suggestion or queries you are always welcome to post your expression via comment or you can contact us from the contact us form.

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