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30 Things I Learned in My 20's

By Cait @caitscozycorner
30 Things I learned in my 20's30 Things I learned in my 20'sWell it's here. My big 30th birthday that has always seemed so far away when I was a kid and suddenly came out of nowhere. My 20's seemed such a whirlwind of discovering who I was, what I wanted to do with my life and where I was going. It's hard to believe I actually met Zach when I was 20 during a class we both were taking in college ( although we didn't start dating until I had turned 21). That mean's he's been around for the last 10 years with me and has celebrated about 9 birthdays together.
30 Things I learned in my 20's30 Things I learned in my 20's
I know a lot of bloggers and friends will share what they learned before turning 30 and today I wanted to keep with the 30 theme and share 30 things I learned in my 20's with you all ( Plus a Giveaway at the end of getting through all of it with me ).
1. Happiness Is Key- I used to always try to make others happy, especially in my 20's. It always turned sour and I realized I couldn't put others happiness before my own. That comes first. I come first.
2. Relationships Will Change-Just because you had a best friend in high-school doesn't mean she's going to be there in college. That's ok. Relationships are supposed to be evolve because you're finding yourself and who you want to be. Embrace it.
3. Discomfort Is A Part Of Learning- You can't be good at anything when you first start something and so discomfort is just your basis of something that you'll learn to be great at eventually. So math isn't your best subject and you hate if you're called out in class. But keep at it. You'll get it.
4. It's How You Say Things- Mom always told you it's not what you say but how you say it. You have a temper on you, especially when you're stressed so learn to calm down by taking a deep breath and thinking it through before you spit out mean words you'll regret.
5. Get Your Sleep- I know you need to cram an all nighter for that huge test. Or try to stay up late partying with your friends but girl, sleep is so much better. You'll hate the hangover the next day anyways.
6. We Love In Different Ways- Love is universal but it's how we love that makes us different. Just because your high school or that big college love didn't work, doesn't mean you didn't love them any less. It just means you love differently then how they did.
7. Death Is Inevitable- Your 20's was difficult with the lost of close friends and grandparents. It was the first time you really experienced dealing with it so close to home. Lean on your friends for support. They are your biggest family when your family isn't there at the moment.
8. Forgive In Your Own Time- There will come a point where the relationship you once had will break and it's ok to be mad but don't keep that grudge. You need time to heal, to digest all that it was and then when you're ready, forgive them.
9. Embrace Change- It can be hard, especially when you're away from friends and family ( that huge move you took! ) but you'll be a better person for it
10. Don't Listen To The Bad Things You Tell Yourself At Night- We're always up late going over the things that went wrong. Stop. Tomorrow is a new day.
11. Trust Your Gut- If you're unsure about that one road to take even though it's a short cut don't do it. Your gut is telling you to take a different way. Go with it. It never fails.
12. Never Take The Ride Eye- it's so worth being exhausted the next morning after a long flight.
13. Let Other's Take Care Of You- I know you think you're not sick but girl, get some rest.
14. Owning A House Takes Work- Not everything will come together overnight. Rooms need to be painted, furniture needs to be rearranged and then rearranged again. It takes time and that's the fun par. It's your house and you can do what you want, when you want it.
15. Lemon Drop Shots Are A Bad Idea-I get it, going out with the girls is a ton of fun and it always leads to crazy stories the next day too. But let's be serious- 3 or 4 of those shots are probably going to put you over the edge. They are tasty but you'll regret it with that hangover the next morning.. ( and maybe even that little incident you had at work that one morning too? Let's not repeat that ok. )
16. People Are Not Thinking About You- I mean this is a positive way because I get that you think those group of girls in the corner at the cafeteria are talking about you and trust me, they aren't.
17. Don't Dwell On The Past- Breakups happen. Life moves on. People are in your life right now for a reason. Keep moving forward.
18. 99% Of The Time Your Pinterest Project Won't Look Like The Picture- You're not super crafty even though you think you are. That amazing cake you're attempting to bake? Let's just stop right there because it won't look like what you saw on that "Easy Cakes" board.
19. Going To Bed at 8 or 9 Does Not Make You Not Have A Life- We all know you love your sleep and as you get older, you love it even more. Who cares if it's the weekend? You'll feel better in the morning anyways.
20. Take Care Of Your Body- This is the only body you'll ever have so listen to it when you need help, push it when you want to go the extra mile and keep eating the best you can.
21. You're Too Old To Shop At Forever 21- Really. Just Don't.
22. Remember Where You Came From- You're going to be moving around a lot in your 20's, From college, back home and then out of state. A lot of those moments are going to challenge you so remember that you came from a positive place.
23. Staying In Is Cooler Then Going Out- Even before "Netflix and Chill" became a slogan, staying in with your best friends or husband is so worth it then going out and taking crazy jello shots. The best part? You can even invite your friends over if you want to throw that party and you don't even have to wait in line for your next drink. Isn't owning a house awesome?!
24. Work Isn't Everything- Everyone knows that you're a work-a-holic and as great as it can be to have all that money in the bank, you might be missing out on big moments. Don't take that extra shift and stay in with your girlfriends. Enjoy the night off with your toddler and husband. You deserve it because you work hard.
26. Keep Traveling-I know that trip to Europe with your sister was incredible. Keep telling those stories to your friends, loved ones and your daughter. She'll want to explore the world with you someday and you want her mind to open and willing to take it all in when she's ready. She'll thank you for it.
27. . Live Being True To Yourself- Your 20's was a huge growth year. You fought many of those years trying to be someone you truly were not and that's ok. Now it's time to really come into your own and embrace who you really are. You're a fighter. You're a hero. You're a Mom. You're a friend. You're a wife. You're a daughter. You're a co-worker. You're a blogger. You're you for a reason. Be it. Love it. Keep it.
28. Feed The Hangry- Yes it's true now that after college is over and you go through pregnancy you get hangry. How about feeding that hangry monster before it gets out of control. Your husband will thank you for not snapping on it when all you need is a quick lunch or snack.
29. You Are Blessed-If there is one thing you learned, it's about the blessings you have in your life right now. Your health, friends, family, an amazing house, career and more. How could life ever be boring?! You truly have it all and you worked for it.
30. Mom Was Right- Mom always told you "At 30 it'll all come together" and the words couldn't be more true. How she knew is the question ;) Of course, your Mom is always right.
30 Things I learned in my 20's
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