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30 Days of ME!

By Shoesfashfit @lolashoelove
30 days of ME!
I found this 'challenge' a few times, I have no idea who the original poster is, and I have tweaked it a little... Let's jump right in, shall we?
Day 1: A recent picture of you, and ten interesting facts.
30 days of ME!
This picture is from September and it's the most recent picture I have... I think there might be a few from Tae Kwon Do testings floating around but I don't have them! 
Anyways, I did a post at the beginning of January that had 50 facts you might now know about me... It was surprisingly difficult thinking up those 50 facts... So here you go, the 15 most interesting ones are:
  • I love to read
  • I'm a Green Stripe in Tae Kwon Do
  • There is a 16 year difference between me and my brother Zac
  • I love mmorpgs!
  • I love Minecraft
  • I'm obsessed with shopping
  • I love shoes and handbags
  • My favourite author is John Green
  • My favorite singer is Ed Sheeran
  • I have a tattoo on the bottom right of my back of a Leo sign
  • I have my nose and lip pierced.
  • I can't tell my left from my right
  • I will never get my drivers license
  • I love dogs, I have 5
  • I am picky about how I drink water, and what brand it is

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