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3 Ways Your Logo Can Impact Your Performance

Posted on the 22 July 2020 by Mountain Publishing @mountainpublish

Every year companies spend millions of dollars in logo design. While it may sound a bit extreme, there are tons of reasons to explain why every business in conditions to afford it should definitely dedicate resources to this topic. In fact, brand logos are so powerful that a bad one can ruin your whole company!

The way people read your brand through your logo and the mental associations they make based on its shape and color are key to positioning.​

Your company’s logo is what your brand is first going to be remembered by. It is vital to be aware of that and to design a logo that leads consumers to think of you the way you want them to.

When it comes to logo design, nothing can be left to chance. Colors, composition, typography and shapes need to be deeply thought through.

For instance, bright and colorful designs are happy and energetic, while black and white logos are read as fancy and sophisticated.

Logo design

Also, different fonts generate different psychological responses on people. Positive and negative reactions to your brand can be motivated by the kind of font you chose.

On one side, several studies have proven that traditional and straight fonts can have associations of stability and maturity as well as boredom and lack of imagination.

On the other side, handwriting and rounded styles often seem cheerful and relaxed.

It is also essential that logos including company names are clear and easy to read.​

Scaling should also be taken into account. Don’t create logo designs meant to always be displayed in big dimensions. Instead, your logo needs to be clean enough to look good in small sizes.

Logo design

Furthermore, you need to be able to include your logo on your marketing video and to add it as a watermark!

Shapes shown in your company logo are also elements that determine the way consumers will feel about it.

For example, circular shapes are considered to represent softness, warmth and comfort, and these associations are immediately linked to the product behind your brand.

On the contrary, rectangular and hard edges can bring the idea of durability, order, stability and power.

Logo design

In addition, many brands decide to use symbols for their logo.

Stars are commonly understood as nationalism, religion or shows.

Hearts usually represent love, personal relationships and marriage, but they can also be seen as childish when included into a company logo.

Arrows are frequently present on company logos and they tend to be used to imply movement, purpose and determination. Travel and delivery companies are well known for using arrows in their logos. Some clear examples of this are FedEx and Amazon.

Organic shapes such as trees, leaves, and air and water representations usually generate the idea of flow.

Logo design

Spas, yoga courses and integral medical companies tend to choose this type of symbol for their logos to be seen as soft, caring and natural businesses.

Lines are also a great element to include in your company logo. Depending on the thickness of the lines you choose, your logo can express fragility, flexibility, predictability, energy, confidence or action.

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