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3 Ways to Over Coming Writing Obstacles: YOU Can Do It!

By Writerinterrupted @writerinterrupt
My writing pal Mick Silva, founder of Your Writer’s Group, has been a much needed encourager as I work (or think about working) on my current WIP. His tagline for his awesome community is “Writing for a Higher Purpose.” And through our email communication and his Monday Morning Motivations, he challenges me to do just that!But how do you write for a higher purpose when you’re still dodging all the obstacles that keep you from writing at all?In this week’s motivation Mick said, “…we’re also like rolling stones trying not to gather moss. So we get to rolling and soon we’re smoothed down. And I think we tend to keep rolling and at some point we lose not just our moss but our mass–some of our great potential. And if we continued, when we finally hit our destination we’d leave no mark, no evidence of all our activity. I think many writers (good Christian writiers!) are these clean stones crumbling as they roll faster and faster, getting smaller and smaller. And some will get crushed by bigger stones. And some will end up having no lasting impact.”So how to you keep from crumbling?Know You Can Do It!I’m currently working on a Rosie the Riveter story** and my protagonist is up against all kinds of odds at home and the work place. I’m inspired by her tenacity which was birthed out of real life circumstances surrounding the lives of my grandmother and mom. Both single moms, they fought for a better life for their families, sacrificed their desires, and supported children without the help of their husbands. Mick reminded me yesterday that whether I realize it or not I’m inspired by the “Rosie” I saw in my mom and grandma, that against all the odds, I’m managing family, multiple careers, and supporting a dream. If they can do it, surely I can! And so CAN you!Surround Yourself with EncouragersSome of us are blessed to have cheerleaders in our families, others have to constantly throw up the armor of justification every time a loved one questions our writing or asks when we’re going to get a “real job.” No matter which category you fall into, you can still find others to encourage you in your writing journey. With the internet there are many writing support groups like Your Writer’s Group and Writer…Interrupted. There shouldn’t be anyone who feels alone. Find a community, plant yourself, and grow! And don’t forget to sprinkle the encouragement to others in return! Before long you’ll be part of a beautiful garden.Keep Writing and RollingAfter reading Mick’s motivation about letting go (and rolling,) I responded to him with these words.“Funny thing about letting go is when you think you’ve done just that something ELSE pops up to block your path! Do I roll around it, roll over it? Did God place it there or some evil force? Either way, I was comforted by your words and what I read in Romans today.  ’Every event God allows into your life is designed to make you more like Christ.’  Painful, yet comforting truth! Still doesn’t always bring about clear answers, but I guess the point that stands out to me is that we keep rolling…no matter where or how we end up, it’s all for His glory!”Keep rolling, keep writing, and KNOW God wants YOU to do it, but more than that you and your writing are right where he wants you(it) to be!So Keep rolling…no matter where or how you end up, it’s all for His glory!**My journey to publication has been a slow one, and this next week my agent is pitching my Rosie story in New York after it was passed over by the CBA. He believes in this story. I believe in this story and would appreciate your prayers that he will speak to the right people, they will buy it, and God will be glorified! Oh, and that I would finish it by the end of summer! For a sneak peek at the opening paragraphs visit my facebook page wall! 

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