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3 Ways to Get More Meaningful Things Done, on a Regular Basis

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
3 Ways to Get More Meaningful Things Done, on a Regular Basis

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Have you ever found yourself feeling as though you were sort of drifting from day to day, doing the same (mostly uninteresting and repetitive) stuff, while never actually getting meaningful things done?

Everyone has some kind of dream of the person they would like to be, and the things they would like to achieve in life – and those aspirations usually don’t stop at “I’d like to turn up to work each day so I get paid,” or “I’d like to watch more TV.”

Here are a few tips that might help you to free up the energy, motivation, and insight to get more meaningful things done, on a regular basis!

Take the time to keep a journal, and plan out your days (and to-dos) on paper

Journalling is a great practice for all sorts of different reasons – not least of all the fact that it provides the perfect opportunity for inspecting, understanding, and contemplating the course of your life one day at a time, without necessarily getting lost in vague introspection.

What’s more, writing has all sorts of benefits in and of itself. You can read about some of these at Schule Alpin. However, it’s well known, for example, that writing can be an excellent cathartic experience and a way of coming to terms with difficult events, while also releasing trapped emotional energy.

Beyond simply journalling; planning your days out and recording your to-do lists on paper is also an excellent way of filtering through your various obligations and thoughts, and finding time for those things that are most important and meaningful.

Make sure that you get enough sleep, and follow a diet that makes you feel energetic and alive

It’s just infinitely more difficult to put in hard work, find inspiration, and get meaningful things done, if you are chronically exhausted, feeling bad, and are struggling just to get your basic everyday obligations handled.

Make sure that you get enough sleep, and follow a diet that makes you feel energetic. This may seem like straightforward advice, but it’s also advice that a shocking number of people don’t take.

Sleep deprivation is endemic, and processed snacks make up a major proportion of almost everyone’s diet. But, when you actually get enough rest and eat a balanced diet containing unprocessed plant foods and lean protein, you are bound to experience a whole new lease on life.

Find opportunities for silence each day

Often, it’s difficult to even get a sense of just what a “meaningful” path in life would be, due to the fact that we are so often distracted and disconnected from our own internal compasses.

In order to get a better sense of perspective on your life as a whole, and to figure out the best way to pursue meaningful actions on a regular basis, one of the best things you can do is to find opportunities for silence, each day.

This kind of silence, as noted by the famous Norwegian explorer Erling Kagge, isn’t just about the absence of “sound.” It’s got more to do with reducing distraction, and allowing your thoughts to calm and settle. It’s about being able to see the forest, instead of being distracted by the trees.

I hope this helps you find where to start on your path to a more meaningful life!

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3 Ways to Get More Meaningful Things Done, on a Regular Basis

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