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3 Ways To Get Lost Online

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Do you ever find yourself lost online? It can happen very easily if you are on several social networking sites. I have found myself lost online several times.
3 Ways To Get Lost Online
  1. Facebook - You are on Facebook for business and you look at the latest feed and go from one friend to another friend or relative to another relative.
  2. Stumble Upon - You are on StumbleUpon and see a site that you should follow on Facebook and back to Facebook you go.
  3. Twitter - You find something on Twitter, another blog and go to that blog and end up stumbling it or liking it on Facebook or adding it to your circles of your new Google page.  You can continuously go around in circles online.
These social network places are great but yet they can eat up your time and have you lost online when you could be blogging, making your storefront website better or not on the computer at all and accomplishing other things offline
Do you find yourself getting lost online in social network circles?

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