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3 Ways to Add Vintage Flair to Your Reception Table Decor

By Weddingblog2011

Want to add a little vintage flair to your reception table decor? Here are 5 subtle yet effective ways to enhance the vintage feel at your reception event.

If you’re looking for ways to add vintage flair to your reception table decor, you’re not alone. Countless couples are on the hunt to find ways to incorporate vintage style into their reception table decor. Vintage style is romantic, classic, and super charming. What’s not to love? However, just because this style is popular doesn’t mean your vintage reception table decor has to be cookie-cutter style.

Here are 3 ways to add unique, vintage flair to your reception table decor:

Handkerchief favors—Okay, here’s a good idea if you haven’t chosen your wedding favors yet. Grab a handful of vintage handkerchiefs and make sure they’re mismatched. Wrap them in tins or with holders to present with your place settings. You can even go so far as to have them all monogrammed or personalized in some way, with different wording and different designs. This will not only add to the mismatched, vintage charm, but it will also make your wedding reception table decor unique and fresh.

Retro candy jars—Candy is always a hit at wedding receptions, but try using retro candy jars to add vintage flair to your reception decor to bring the candy love to the next level. Choose your favorite vintage candies, such as Sugar Babies or Mary Janes, and fill clear glass jars or canisters with them and then place them on the tables. Try to find canisters that have distressed, wooden lids, or create your own to add real vintage character.

Mismatched centerpiece vases—This is one of the easiest—and most creative!—ways to add vintage style to your reception decor. Hand pick a variety of jars, old food canisters, or pails, and use them as vases to hold your centerpiece flowers. Rummage through thrift shops and consignment shops to find a variety of mismatched items to use as vases. Place lace or Art Deco mirrors underneath the vases on each table, and you can instantly add more vintage flair to your reception table decor.

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