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3 Types of Semester- Abroad- Students

By Tlb

A lot of students have to do a semester abroad during  their studies. Many students want to go to a foreign country where they do not already speaking the language. For some students this causes a problem, but some manage to get by. It depends on which type of student you are. This is a short summary of three different kinds of students. Which type are you?

Abroad Student

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The Routinist

This type is the most prevalent among the students.  They can already speak the foreign language, usually, they can speak it very well. They would never go to a foreign country without mastering the language first. The Routinist has a large amount or at least some small problems when it comes to adapting to a new culture and way of life or when meeting new people. For them, it really is important to know that they are able to communicate with people without problems. Because of this feeling of security, they can fully concentrate on the changes in his daily routine.  After they have gotten used to the new situation in a foreign country, they will be able to gain a great experience. The next type of student is completely different and would think that this approach is really boring.

The Adventurer

You want to study one semester in Spain without knowing a single word? The Adventurer says: ”Yes, of course. Where can I sign?”. They need to jump into the unknown and looks for a challenge. This type has no problem with change, no problems with getting to know foreign people and talking with them for 3 hours even though they both can’t understand each other. A Real Adventurer hits the road without any previous knowledge. Because they know, that the best way to learn a foreign language is to travel to a foreign country. At the beginning, they will have more problems than the Routinist. But because of the contact with native speakers, they will learn the language faster than they would have done in their language school at home. The third type is not an Adventurer, but also is not a Routinist.

The Safety Guy

Although they can’t speak the foreign language, they want to travel to the foreign country. So this student will play it safe and book a language course.  If they want to study in Spain, they will book a Spanish Course in Spain. If they want to study in Germany, they will attend a German language school. They do not want to leave anything to chance. With this tactic, they learn something about the culture, the history , the habits of the people of the country they studies in and of course, the language. The Safety Guy is well prepared for the semester and doesn’t  have to be afraid about their studies.

It doesn’t matter which type you are. Almost every student enjoys their semester abroad. It is a good way to learn a lot about other countries and people and it will develop your own personality and identity.

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