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3 to 5 -year-old Sleep Problems

By Newsanchormom

3 to 5 -year-old Sleep Problems
My four-year-old has deciding to start fighting us when he goes to sleep. I saw this headline and thought it might be of some help. However, he doesn't watch television much during the summer, there is no t.v. in his room and he doesn't watch violent programming. So, I don't think this is a fit for me, but I thought it might help out other parents.
FROM NBC: If you have trouble getting your kids to sleep, there may be an easy solution. It turns out that television and other media sources could be keeping the sandman away. Previous studies have shown that exposure to electronic media can keep kids from a good night's sleep.
Now a report in the journal "Pediatrics" focuses on when and what children are watching.
Looking at over 600 three-to-five year olds, the authors found that the youngsters were exposed to an average of 73 minutes of media time every day. Those who had televisions in their bedrooms got an additional forty minutes daily.
The report finds viewing violent content during the day is linked with sleeping problems-- while non-violent daytime exposure has no effect. But any media exposure -- violent or not--
after 7:00 p.m. was associated with difficulty sleeping, including trouble falling asleep and daytime tiredness. The authors recommend that parents reduce kids' evening media access and violent content in general. And they advise removing televisions and other media devices from childrens' bedrooms.
-NewsAnchorMom Jen
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