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3 Tips To Keep Your Home Burglar Proof

By Cait @caitscozycorner
3 Tips To Keep Your Home Burglar Proof
This post is sponsored by Arlo Home Security but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Home is where the heart is is a typical saying we've all heard time and time again. Home is where you can let your hair down, relax and just be yourself. When we built our home and moved in about 7 months ago, Zach and I envisioned many moments like this with our family, decorating our home and enjoying visitors coming and going.
3 Tips To Keep Your Home Burglar Proof
But do you know what's not exciting? When burglars try and invite themselves in. Did you know that a home is broken into every 13 seconds! I have a few quick and easy tips to help keep your home burglar proof that I wanted to share in hopes that you'll never have to go through this yourself, but if you do, you'll have these essential things in place.
1. Secure Sliding Doors and Windows- Now that the warmer months are here, we leave our windows open without much care which is fine for when we are home but don't forget to lock them before going to bed. I make either a mental note or a reminder on my phone before I go to bed to check all the doors. If I don't do it, I also make sure my husband does or ask him after he comes up. It just gives me an extra piece of mind.
2. Get To Know Your Neighbors - If you're away on vacation, it's nice to let your neighbors know so they can keep an eye out on your house. If they know you are away and see something going on at your home, they can call the cops immediately to help. We're super lucky to live in a great neighborhood that many people are always out and about checking in on one another. If I see a package that's been on a neighbors porch for a few hours, I'll text them to let them know it's been delivered and vs. versa. The same with just making sure everything looks safe and secure from their point of view.
3 Tips To Keep Your Home Burglar Proof
3. Home Security Camera - There are many pricy security cameras out there but the one we love is the Arlo Ultra camera. The 4k image quality is what Zach loves because it ensures a cutting edge image quality that allows for high resolution tracking and zooming including license plates, words and logos to appear clear. It also gives you a 180 panoramic field of vision without your typical fish eye distortion like other cameras. The smart technology uses a free Arlo App by logging in on your desktop and monitoring via your Apple Watch or Amazon Alexa.
We received our camera and both Zach and I were so happy it was easy to install. We decided to put our camera near our front door since I receive a few packages a week and want to see whose at the door instead of just looking outside the window if I'm busy with the kids. Personally, my favorite thing is the enhanced night vision with the integrated spotlight that I can actually see in color rather than having a traditional black and white camera. Now I'm really able to see whose coming up to our door.
3 Tips To Keep Your Home Burglar Proof
I'm sure you're super excited to grab one yourself to keep your family safe and secure whether you are home or not so you can grab it either online or in store at Best Buy or Amazon! Arlo Ultra Camera is also offering an extended video and audio recording for up to 30 days and provides a customized alert for spotting people, packages, vehicles and animals. You can also set up a specific area or zone in the camera view to monitor and you can use it to send to first responders to your home with just one touch of a button! This is a camera you don't want to live without!
What are some tips you have for keeping your house burglar proof?Do you own a security camera?Are you interested in trying Arlo Ultra Camera?3 Tips To Keep Your Home Burglar Proof
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