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3 Tips On How To Pace Yourself As A Blogger In 2020

Posted on the 13 January 2020 by Kharim Tomlinson @KharimTomlinson

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This is the first article that I am publishing on my blog since the start new year 2020. The first article since the new decade started.

Was I late in publishing this blog post or guest posts?


This is because I am pacing myself as a blogger.

In this article I will be writing on how you can pace yourself as a blogger.

3 Tips On How To Pace Yourself As A Blogger In 2020

First, why is it important to pace yourself as a blogger?

I have been blogging since 2010 and I can tell you what's it like to have blogger burnout.

Blogger burnout is when you somewhat lose passion for what you love. The passion is still there, but not to its fullest.

It has happened to me already and a lot of other bloggers.

Sad to say that some blogs have closed due to a blogger being burnt out.

Let's talk about pacing yourself as a blogger.

One way that you can pace yourself and avoid the blogger burnout is to forget about blogging totally and have fun with friends and family.

I am pretty sure that you enjoy doing other things apart from blogging.

My wife and I went to an Indian wedding for 3 days and had fun. She also has a blog (will be launching soon).

We planned game nights with friends and family.

I did other non-blogging activities, like traveling, going to the gym, hanging out with friends and family, and play some games.

The reason why you should do other things apart from blogging is because blogging can take up so much of our time we tend to forget other things that revolve around us.

Doing other things can cause us to miss blogging so when we come back to our blog we are full of energy to write articles, do blog commenting, promote our articles and do what us bloggers do to promote a blog to the fullest.

So before 2019 ended, on December 1st 2019, I started doing some modifications on my blog.

Let's say this was my new years blogging resolution.

For those who are regular visitors of my blog you will notice that there are a few visible changes.

What I did was to spend a few days working on my blog, working with some HTML, PHP and CSS.

I did things on my blog, coding stuff and took some time away from writing articles.

This helped me to have even more passion for my blog when it came to making changes on my blog.

If you are able to do the same then I encourage you to do some modifications on your blog to increase traffic or to make more money from your blog.

A body builder or a person who goes to the gym doesn't workout on only one part of the body. They have a certain day when they would do legs workout, another day for working on the chest, arms workout on a particular day and the list goes on.

They have a workout schedule.

As bloggers we should do the same when it comes to blogging.

We should have a schedule as well.

This is just an example: You can have a certain day that you publish guest posts (depending on the amount of guest posts that you get).

You can have a particular day that you write on certain topics, for example: Every Monday would be Money Making Mondays where you write articles on how to make money online or from your blog.

People who go to the gym also have a rest day.

Bloggers do need a rest day as well. For me, most of my rest days are on the weekend because I use that time to spend it with my family.

So create a blogging schedule so you can pace yourself and remember to stick with your schedule after you have one.

When we do something on a regular, we should often take a minor break and pace ourselves.

How do you pace yourself as a blogger?

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