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3 Tips for Styling Your Sofa

By Hollie Brooks @MiaFleur_home

Styling your sofa is such a great way to change the look of a room and give a lovely fresh vibe and so easy to do. I love my sofa – gorgeous raspberry velvet – so delicious, I fell in love the moment I saw it and knew I had found the one! A vibrant and striking contrast to the gray walls and it gives me an endless choice of cushion combinations. Cushions are the icing on the cake and complete the look and give you the opportunity to play about and create different scenes.

3 Tips for Styling your Sofa- MiaFleur

My top 3 tips for styling your sofa are:

1. Texture

Mixing up texture is so important to a room whether it’s a riot of color or a monochromatic scheme. My home is always going to be a riot of color but I always mix up the textures to add a bit of dash. Squidgy velvet, smooth cotton, crisp linen, warm wool and smooth silk all have their own qualities and create exciting contrasts, particularly when not using pattern.

2. Pattern

Pattern, or lack of, is very much a personal thing but if you like pattern then mix it up a bit but make sure you vary the scale of the patterns otherwise it all becomes a bit flat. Mixing up patterns creates contrast which gives that pop of excitement to a scheme.

3 Tips for Styling your Sofa- MiaFleur

3. Colour

Colour, again very personal, but the main element to any scheme and the easiest way to change the vibe of a room is to change your cushions colours. I love red, green and yellow for their warmth and usually gravitate to those color combinations but for a more understated look why not pick out the more sombre colours which will give a calmer feel to your sofa. Pick out the colours of the room that you want to emphasize and play about with combinations of these until you are happy with the effect.

3 Tips for Styling your Sofa- MiaFleur

I chose my favorite color combinations to style the sofa here which picks up on the colours of the rug and the red of the sofa and used different textures and sizes for added impact. It gives a warm cosy feel to the room.

3 Tips for Styling your Sofa- MiaFleur

The styling of the cushions here gives a more subdued effect by picking up on the gray of the walls and the yellow from the rug and lamp. Again texture varies from the soft velvet of the sofa through to crisp linen cushions and a soft quilted throw.

The main thing is to have fun and see the different effects you can create with different combinations. Which combination do you like the best?

Jacqui x

3 tips for Styling your Sofa by Jacqui Brooks

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