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3 Things You Should Really Know for MWC 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on the 22 February 2012 by Smartadblog @SmartAdServerEN

As the MWC 2012 is coming up in a couple of days, we thought it waws perfect time we share in an infographic the 3 main 2011  key learning any mobile actor should be familiar with and should keep in mind when it comes to buy or sell mobile ads.

3 things you should really know for MWC 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Please find below our key findings :
1.  About average Mobile Usage :

50 % of mobile traffic is done after 5pm. Even if desktop traffic has nothing to with mobile trafic, on another scale, users are more likely to surf on mobile earlier in the morning and most importantly, at night. This data can be very useful regarding mobile inventory forecast.

2. About average Mobile CTR :

Average mobile CTR on standard banner (i.e basic image banner, without script) :
Average mobile CTR : 0,4%
iPad average CTR : 0,77%
Android CTR : 0,31%
WP7 : 0,15%
iPhone: 0,44%
VS Average mobile Rich Media CTR :

The average mobile rich media CTR reaches 8,9%, the best performing formats even were over 10% CTR in average in 2011.
The average mobile CTR can be increased 23 times in average just by using mobile rich media ad units (and even with the best mobile rich media ad units 30 times in average).

Or, to put it in other way, the same mobile creative would generate in average 30 times more clics set by using a mobile rich media script. When it comes to an web creative, the same creative would deliver in average 68 times more clics in a mobile rich media ad unit.

3. OS shares by impressions:

Indeed, Android OS market share of ad impressions is rising, as they put it in lots of online ressources

NB: This post was actually  published the day the blog was launched, i.e on September, 10 

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