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3 Things Rodents Love About Your House & How To Make It Less Appealing

By Kravelv

No one likes the thought of rodents running around their house, especially when you’re asleep and the rodents could decide to run across your bed or even your face!

Fortunately, rodents normally head to the kitchen to fix themselves a late-night snack. That’s good for your face but not good for your family.

Rodents carry many diseases on their feet, these are left behind on the surfaces they run across. You can then inadvertently pick-up the diseases by preparing food on one of these surfaces.

The biggest telltale sign that rodents are visiting is the presence of droppings on the side or in the cupboards. Don’t forget that their waste can also carry disease, ideally avoid touching it with your hand.

If you have too, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

3 Things Rodents Love About Your House & How To Make It Less Appealing

Once you discover you have a pest or rodent issue you should call the local exterminators, they can eradicate the problem for you.

Then, you can take note of the 3 things that rodents love about your home and make sure that they are no longer present.

1. Food

Rodents need food to eat, that’s why they usually head for the kitchen. A crumb may seem insignificant to you and me but to a mouse, it’s a good meal.

Unfortunately, we make crumbs every time we eat something. This means you’re going to have to start being more careful about where you eat and where the crumbs go. Plates are actually useful!

By keeping food in containers, rubbish in sealed bins, and cleaning the surfaces regularly, as well as vacuuming the floors, you’ll deprive the rodent of the food they love in your home.

2. Water

Rodents need water to live. Any source will do, a dripping tap, damaged valve, or even a leak in the wall. The rodent will find the water and use it to help them stay alive. You need to visually inspect your home for any damage and assess whether the water pipes may be leaking.

If there is an issue a quick repair will prevent the rodent from getting the water it needs. This will help to persuade it that your home is not desirable.

3. Storage

Finally, if you have boxes of items anywhere, particularly in a storage room or loft, the mice will be attracted to your home as you’ll have passed them a delightful spot to live in.

Storage items are rarely moved and will contain something that can help the rodent create a nest. The result is your stuff is damaged and the rodent is comfortable.

Clear away your storage items properly, preventing there from being an attraction to the rodents.

As an extra point, it is important to note that you should also visually inspect your home for entry points, blocking these will help to keep the rodents out, no matter how appealing your home is.

Again, a pest control expert can help you identify the risk areas and sort the issue.

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