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3 Reasons Why Keyword Research Should Done BEFORE Your Design A Website

Posted on the 28 February 2014 by Kharim Tomlinson @KharimTomlinson

Before you even think about designing your new website, it’s vital you take the necessary time out to conduct adequate keyword research. Keyword research is an important part of any SEO strategy, and basically means finding low competition keywords people are searching for that are relevant to the product or service you provide.

This really is the first step, and can save you from future frustration and even failure if done properly. In case you don’t know why keyword research should be carried out before designing your website, read on.

Here are 3 reasons that will hopefully explain just why this is so important.

1. Keyword research reveals your market.

Keywords can help you define who your market is, and this in itself should inform how you present your website. Knowing the specific industry and audience you’re targeting will help you design your website in a way that caters to them. For example, if you’re only targeting residents of Brisbane, then perhaps the design of your site can reflect this (perhaps by using an iconic image or two from Brisbane). Internet marketing is all about knowing your customers, and you really need to know this before starting the design and layout of your website.

2. Keyword research can inform your content.

After getting a firm grip on the market you’ll be targeting with your new website, you’ll also know what kind of content they’d be interested in. This will then help you develop a great content schedule and outlay to give your customers exactly what they’re looking for when on your website. Of course, you’ll need to insert these keywords in your content organically, always making sure you give your visitors value. Without knowing which keywords can bring you the traffic you need, you’re likely to waste precious time and resources creating content that simply won’t get read. And if you’re website is intended to make sales or gain subscribers or leads, then you won’t see much positive action on this front any time soon.

3. Keyword research will dictate how you write your content.

Finally, once you know who your market is, and what kind of content they’d like to consume, you can then determine the best way to write your content. Different audiences, and different industries expect different things when it comes to the way their content is written. For example, business and marketing professionals generally expect lots of stats and hard data to back up claims made throughout the content. And tech professionals generally like to see lots of specs peppered throughout that latest blog post. Being mindful of this when writing your content will help your readers get exactly what they need from your site, and this will hopefully turn them into loyal customers or subscribers for years to come.

Doing enough keyword research before you design your website is absolutely vital if you want to see your website succeed online. Keyword research will help you nail down your target market, helping you design your website and write your content. So the next time you sit down to design your new website, make sure you’ve already done your keyword research. Many times, it can be the difference between success and failure.

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