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3 Products That Are Good for Your Skin

By Menscience

In the battle for good skin, you may be your face’s greatest enemy. Using soaps filled with fragrances and moisturizers that contain oils can worsen many skin conditions. But harsh soaps and moisturizers are not the only products that damage healthy skin. Alcohol-based cleansers advertised to reduce oil and acne may provide immediate relief, but by repeatedly drying your skin they promote increased oil production, which contributes to the very problems you’re attempting to treat.

Here are a list of the skincare products you should be using:

1. A gentle face wash. The majority of mass-market face washes contain irritants that can dry out your skin and actually make it look worse. An alcohol-free face wash with salicylic acid will help keep pores clear and prevent breakouts from forming. By infusing your skin with advanced ingredients, your skin will look vibrant without the dryness and redness that can afflict men who use inferior face washes.

2. An oil-free moisturizer. A moisturizer is crucial to preventing aging signs and dry skin. However, not just any moisturizer will do. An oil-free moisturizer is the best choice; moisturizers with oil can give your skin a greasy appearance and make oily skin even oilier. Advanced Face Lotion contains hypermoisturizers that will hydrate the skin without leaving behind residue that can clog pores. For more information on this product, read this.

3. A natural exfoliator. A face wash will help remove debris from the top layer of your skin, but a face scrub provides a deeper clean that really digs down into pores to ensure top-quality skin. Unlike a face wash, however, a face scrub should not be used more than once or twice a week. Because of its deep-cleaning properties, a scrub can actually damage your skin if you use it too much. For more on the difference between a face wash and a face scrub, check out this article.

The right skin care products can noticeably improve a man’s skin, but underlying issues such as hormonal imbalances and dehydration can be the root cause of these problems. Whether your skin condition is mild or severe, using these advanced products will get you well on your way to having a healthier and happier face.

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