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3 Navigation Features In Your Next Car

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Here is a list of 3 navigation features to look for in your next car

3 navigation features you should look for in your next car

The top 3 navigation features for your next car

What 3 navigation features would you like to see in your next car? How extensively you do your homework before you are planning to buy a car or a home. It is always good to do some basic exercise to understand your lifestyle and needs to match it well with your next purchase. It always helps a lot. After evolution of music systems in the automobile, navigation systems are next in the fray. Technology advancements are happening at a tremendous pace. At the same pace, customer experience is gaining momentum. There is a direct relationship between what you experience and your expectations. The more you experience, the higher goes the level of expectations. The most useful feature must never be discarded. The cutting edge features related to navigation need to be understood. Only then you can make a wise decision of buying your next car.
I would look for the 3 navigation features in my next car as listed below:
Localization: My navigation tool must have a strong localization factor embedded in it. What if it is a powerful global tool but does not serve my local needs. There has to be a powerful local connect search feature in my navigation system. This can make my life quite easier. It must be reliable, sturdy and accurate. There are a lot of search engines options available these days. You must understand what engine your next car navigation system relies on. It could be Google or Bing. It could also be from a local vendor that is equally good, powerful and accurate. Does it consume your data plan from your smartphone? How much does it consume and at what speed? What is the refresh rate? Is it empowered to serve you well? What is the embedded algorithm? How fast it updates maps in the system? How accurately it picks the real-time situations to enhance the accuracy factor? Answers to these questions must be clearly available from the manufacturer.

3 Navigation Features In Your Next Car

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Right Location, Right Route: When you are traveling with your friends and family, you prefer your long journey to be hassle free. Many times you have to change your route in a random manner. It could be to pick someone from an unknown place. It could be for an emergency. It could also be a requirement to eat at a good joint. The sole purpose is to find the right place and the right route in such conditions. The recommendations given by your navigation system must be clear, accurate and matching to your needs. You must not only be able to find the right place to eat but also to make a reservation through your system.
Aggregator: Your navigation system must be a good aggregator. It must personalize your likings in an enhanced manner. 
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