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$3 Million For TrumpTower.Live & Registered Yesterday

Posted on the 27 October 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

Yesterday we published  a post about the owner of the domain name putting the domain on the market with an asking price of $3 Million.

The owner went on to say that the traffic to the domain name went from “about 150,000 people to 1.3 million in just the last couple of weeks”

However which lists sites by traffic only has at 2.7 million which doesn’t mesh well with the reported traffic.

Beyond that the “value” of logically comes from the Donald putting out a daily live video on Facebook this week which is called Trump Tower Live which many believe will transition into a Trump TV channel.

Yesterday one guy in Utah hand registered the domain name and

Of course the Donald could have just registered those domain names as well.

The domain name was registered under privacy a few days ago on the 24th.

As of publication TrumpLive.TV is unregistered and would work just fine for a show as well.

I could come up with another 10 domains in the next 10 minutes that Trump could use for a channel including, which is also unregistered as of publication.

With all those options out there including just using Facebook to carry the channel, throwing a $3 million price tag on a domain that has potential trademark infringing issues, especially dealing with a litigious guy like Donald Trump who probably would go with a federal lawsuit, rather than a UDRP, is just asking for trouble IMHO.

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