3 Great Reasons Why You Need To Write: Writing Perks And Benefits

Posted on the 18 April 2014 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco

Why you need to write

A photo taken from our memorable care circle Christmas party

I myself is not a good writer and does not like writing growing-up. I honestly dislike reading books especially when it is for an assignment in school or in college. And that is why I did not take any course related to it (I am more into numbers actually making my favorite subject Math when I was still in elementary days). Plus one more thing, proof-reading does not like.. or may be its the other way around. Haha!
But getting in the age of 20's, I suddenly feel the urge of making records on the stuffs that happen because I find it now very significant. I actually do take a good amount of pictures especially when I was going through my high school days but writing was a big no no, too lazy to write anything. College and working days were busy times especially when you need to multi-task, so time for writing was a bit evasive. But now that I have more time for it, let me take this opportunity to share with you guys on why I think writing is generally important:  1. It reminds you of a part of your life with details - Our minds may remember significant and big part of our lives in the past but it cannot remember all of it especially with details. For example, you may remember your 18th or 21th birthday party and who were the special people who attended it but not the small details that happen with it that may matter.
2. It can let you feel the good or bad old days back which is a privilege - Not all of us have the privilege especially the resources of preserving or recording the things we have gone through in the past.Taking pictures and video recordings can be some of the option but writing is the most simple, easiest and cheapest way to do it. People likes to reminisce from time to time specifically the good old days back. And for the not so good old days, it is very nice to remember them especially when a lot of changes already happened.
3. It lets you compare changes between "before and now" - Letting you again see or even feel your past, your state and even your being that time may trigger you to analyze yourself if you are growing up or only growing old. Having a playful characteristic or what we call a "child's mind" is very fun especially on breaking the ice on any serious situation, problematic issue or routinary work. But staying in that kind of state which we hardly recognize most of the time can be a problem.
I am sure there are a lot of more good reasons why awesome people will recommend everyone to write, either their daily experiences or the ones they find significant. But still it will all boils down on us if we are up to the challenge to put effort in doing so. And given this privilege and opportunity, I will grab it this time and will not let it go.

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