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3 Golf Tips to Start Putting Better Now

By Golfforbeginners
golf tips putting Putting is often overlooked when you are practicing your golf game; it's usually placed on the back burner after you've hit everything from driver to wedge. This practice probably has you missing more putts during a round which may lead you to grumble about an inflated score.
Instead of pulling out the driver or irons first during your range session, make it a practice to head over to the chipping and putting area first, and then again during practice, to work on the short game.
According to short game guru Dave Pelz, chipping and putting are the two most important aspects in your golf game, although he believes that, in order to save more strokes, concentrate on your wedge game.
Even so, Pelz states that "putting accounts for approximately 43 percent of your total strokes."
That's almost half of your golf game!
For the time that you are at the range, consider these 3 golf putting tips:
1. Putts that are short, never go in - although this statement is pretty self-explanatory, practice the speed of your putts so that your golf ball makes into the "circle of trust" which is within about three feet.
2. Make sure your golf ball drops into the cup. It's great to hear (and oh so satisfying) the sound a golf ball when it hits the bottom, isn't it?
3. Take the time to read the lie and line of each putt and ask yourself a few questions before taking the putt such as, are you looking at an uphill, downhill or sideways lie? Make adjustments to speed and lie and "feel it" to the hole.
In the game of golf, visualization is key - your mind can help you "see" the putts rolling in if you relax and study each line.
Remember, putting is all about the speed, your line...and feel!
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Photo by tyler hendy from Pexels

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