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3 Golf Swing Power Leaks You Can Avoid

By Golfforbeginners
3 Golf Swing Power Leaks You Can Avoid Standing near the tee box last week, I watched as a golfer took his swing and noticed the results from his efforts - the grunt from the player didn't surprise me, nor did the golf ball's lack of distance.
The golfer believed he made a decent enough effort, which he did...the ball moved forward...but the outcome could have put him farther down the fairway and in a much better scoring position.
He'll never become a scratch golfer that way! I wondered if he knew of his inherent swing power leaks.
I pulled out my smartphone and took notes. Golfers can play for thirty years without taking a lesson and be happy in their ignorance - Golf for Beginners seeks to make players think about their swing and game to make the sport more enjoyable.
For players of the sport that read this golf blog, I have put together a list of basic problems which are fixable on the driving range so that you can come out swinging on the golf course!

4 Golf Swing Power Leaks and how to fix them:

1. Decelerating: This means you are slowing down the club (and your golf swing) before impact. The proper impact of the golf club is just after the golf ball. An article in offers the thought of driving a nail into a board - I was told by my golf instructor to think about chopping wood...either way, you get the idea.
2. Chopping at the ball and not finishing your golf swing: says it best...hit through the golf ball, not at it. The ball is not the target, the ball is in the way of the swing!
3. Backing up when you're taking a swing: The dreaded "reverse pivot" usually comes from improper weight shift. "The reverse pivot results in a bad weight shift. This is the No. 1 killer of proper golf swings," says Ernie Boshers, in a teaching article in
This golf blog is no substitution for receiving golf instruction from a qualified professional - make an appointment with your PGA teaching pro today if you think you have a golf swing power leak.
Add any golf swing power leaks to the comments section of this golf blog and tag us on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

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By Zaibun Nisa
posted on 06 October at 16:20

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