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3 Factors for Choosing a Kitchen Hood Fan

By Anne Mehla

3 Factors for Choosing a Kitchen Hood FanThe kitchen is considered to be the most important part of the home by many people around the world. This is the place where people go to cook their food and then enjoy it with their loved ones. Having said all that, the kitchen can also be a place of bad odors and moisture. Air conditioning units can only do so much for this problem, which is why hood fans are a great addition to any kitchen. This is not the most popular renovation idea for the kitchen, but sometimes it is the most important one that can be made. Here are three of the most important factors that you need consider when choosing a new hood fan for your kitchen.
Cubic Feet Per Minute
The main thing that you need to think about when it comes to choosing a hood fan to help you with your air conditioning needs is power. The general range and power of your hood fan will be measured in cubic feet per minute. When your hood fan has a higher CFM, you will notice that it is able to take care of moisture and odors in a more efficient manner. Most electric stove tops will be find with a hood fan that has 300 to 400 CFMs, while someone with a gas stove should be looking for something with at least 700 CFMs.
3 Factors for Choosing a Kitchen Hood FanAnother measurement that you need to look at with your new hood fan is sones. This is the measurement of the overall sound output of your hood fan. Although having a powerful fan is important, it will be rather useless if you cannot hear anyone talk when it is turned on. It is important to look at the different sound ratings for when the fan is turned on different power settings. You will probably have the fan on a low setting while you are actually cooking, while you will also need to turn it up to a higher setting while you are finished with the preparation of a meal.
Types of Blowers
One final thing you should consider when it comes to your hood fan is the various blower options that are available to you. There are three different spots where the blower can be located, and the placement of the blower can have a huge impact on the overall sound impact. If you are looking for a high-end hood fan, then you may want to look into getting a fan with an external blower. This will dramatically lower the overall sound output from your hood fan, and it gives you more customization over the entire ventilation process.
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