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3 Essential Tips for Ordering Your Wedding Cake

By Weddingblog2011

If you already know precisely the kind of wedding cake you want, the next step is ordering it. There are a few things you will want to remember when ordering your wedding cake. Because you typically have it delivered to the reception venue, you may not have a chance to see the cake until the big day, and by then it’s too late to fix it if you hate it. So, these tips can help ensure you get the cake you want.

Navy and Green Wedding Cake

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Find Pictures

If you can find pictures of the cake you want, print them out to take with you to the bakery. This will give your baker a visual idea of exactly what you want, so there are no misunderstandings. If you can’t find exactly the cake you want, but you can find pictures with certain elements that you want, make sure you let the baker know this.

Blue and Orange Wedding Cake

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Mint and Black Wedding Cake

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You should schedule a tasting before you order your cake, so you know exactly the flavors you want. There are so many choices that it’s great to try them out before ordering. Cake flavorings might include pineapple, strawberry shortcake, and chocolate while there are fillings of all sorts, from chocolate ganache to hazelnut to cream cheese and so much more. Plus, you’ll need to decide whether to choose fondant or buttercream frosting. Schedule a tasting and write down your favorites so you can order the perfect combination of flavors.

White, Blue and Yellow Wedding Cake

White Rustic Wedding Cake

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Finally, you’ll want to confirm the cake order about a week before the wedding, to ensure that the baker has it scheduled and ready to create and deliver. If something happens and the cake order gets lost, you won’t know it if you don’t call to confirm.

Rustic Wedding Cake

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Using these tips can help ensure that you get the cake you want for your big day.

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