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3 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for That Last Minute Party.

By Momfashionlifestyle @Fashnlifestyle

3 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for that Last Minute Party.

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It’s that time of year again! HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! I don’t know about you but some years I am on the fence about going out or going to that friend’s Halloween Party. Sometimes I’m tired {wait.. when am I not tired?}, or sometimes I just don’t plain “feel” like it. But then you have that friend that pushes you into going. You respond, “What am I going to wear? I don’t have a costume.”

Well, here are a few easy last minute costume ideas for that Halloween Party you weren’t going to attend.

MEOW. The Sexy Cat Costume. 

We all know you have a Sexy Black Dress somewhere in that closet of yours. And if you don’t, I’m sure you have a black tank and skirt to pair together.

Find some sexy fish nets or other tights and throw on some heels or boots. Take eyeliner and draw on whiskers, put on some bright lipstick. And make some cat ears from a headband. {how to make ears video here}

Hee-Haw! The Cowgirl Costume.

For this costume you need boots of some sort.Next you need denim, either a pair of denim cutoff shorts or a denim skirt… or make your own and cut some old jeans into shorts. Then find a button down shirt either from your closet or or significant others closet. If you want to show more skin, unbutton a few buttons on the bottom and tie at the waist. Put your hair in pig tails, braided or not. Maybe add some ribbons to your hair and you’re good to go.

The Sexy Indian Costume.

This is super easy to do, you can really use anything as the base of the outfit. {Leather or denim preferably}.  It doesn’t have to be sexy or it can be…. you can wear a dress or pants whichever works… {it’s native american “inspired” after all}.  Just take red lipstick and draw a few lines under each eye for that “War Paint Look”, for more detailed makeup see my how to here.

Then hot glue a feather from Michaels to a headband, throw on some bracelets and go get your party on.

Just remember be safe!!! 

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