3 December Birthstones for Sagittarius and Capricorn

Posted on the 17 January 2019 by Emil Sipos @emilPsipos

Persons born in December as Sagittarius and Capricorn can chose from many interesting December birthstones – Tanzanite, Turquoise and Zircon. All of them have beautiful shades of blue. Also those stones are pretty inexpensive so anyone should be able to purchase jewelry made from them.

Tanzanite is interesting blue and purple gemstone found in Tanzania. Majority of stones found on market today is actually heat treated to minimize brown shades that are found naturally. This way blue shade is intensified so they look a lot similar to Sapphires.

Since ancient times Turquoise is known for its beautiful blue to greenish color. This color was popular in the past as “Persian blue”. It is mined today in the US, Iran and Egypt. This stone is sensitive to perfume, natural oils and direct sunlight so if you have it you need to take care of it.

Zircon is probably one of the most underrated gemstones and often confused with Cubic Zirconia. People often don’t realize that Zircon is actually amazing gemstone. This stone comes in many color variations but it is commonly heat treated until it is colorless, blue or gold.

Other stones that people born as Sagittarius and Capricorn may use as December birthstones, talismans, Sun and lucky stones:

  • Blue Topaz– modern December birthstone, ancient Hindu December birthstone, Zodiac and Sun stone for Sagittarius
  • Lapis – traditional December birthstone, Capricorn planetary stone
  • Onyx – mystical December birthstone, Capricorn talisman gemstone
  • Ruby – Sun stone for Capricorn, ancient Hebrew, Arabic, Roman and Italian December birthstone
  • Amethyst – Sagittarius Sun stone
  • Sapphire – Sagittarius Sun stone
  • Beryl – talisman stone for Sagittarius
  • Chrysoprase – Russian December birthstone, Gemini Sun stone

Tanzanite Meaning and Use as December Birthstone

Tanzanite is known as stone of transmutation. It changes its color from light blue to sapphire blue and sometimes can be deep blue. Thanks to those color changing properties, it is promoted by jewelers in the past century. It is selected as December birthstone by American Gem Trade Association in 2002.

This stone is one of the most important metaphysical gemstones used mainly for spiritual exploration. It has high vibration energy providing protection and helps with meditation. Tanzanite is amazing stone for uniting heart and mind, helping people to live more compassionately.

For a long time Tanzanite was used for exploring physic powers as it helps Brow Chakra to open. Also, it is used for opening Third Eye Chakra. Also, people often keep it at a working place as it is promoting calm feelings and improving communication. If you plan to change job then you should carry Tanzanite stone all the time.

Tanzanite Healing Properties

For a long time people believe that Tanzanite can improve immune system, vitality and detoxify the blood. It is used as gemstone that can regenerate cells, hair, skin and protect wearer from medical side-effects. In the past it was used for treating stress, tensions, can cure alcoholism and psychological disorders.

Since this stone is closely connected with emotions, it is great gem for generating happy feelings and relief worries. It will help you be more compassionate and loving. In case of crises or fear, ti will help you build trust and resolve important problems.

Turquoise Meaning and Use
as December Birthstone

This is most probably one of the oldest gemstones in man’s history. It was used forever as talisman of shamans, warriors and kings. They used it as a gemstone of protection, wisdom, immortality and nobility. Turquoise is stone with totally unique blue shade, most often blue-green. Ancient civilizations – Incas, Aztecs, Egyptians and Persians thought that Turquoise is sacred gemstone of power, protection and luck.

As December birthstone, Turquoise was recognized as a stone that possesses power to protect persons from injuries. Persons who wore it believed that it will protect them from all physical conditions. Once person who wears it falls ill, it was believed that this gem will lose its color. When wearer dies, Turquoise will lose its color totally.

This stone was always valued as gemstone that symbolizes male power. Nowadays, both males and females can utilize its power for bringing luck, success and help with ambition. When hold at the workplace, it will promote leadership and help avoiding bad investments. Its great stone for help with communication issues, mental relaxation and protection from bodily harm.

Regular travelers should wear this December birthstone crystal for protection against theft, loss or attack, for prevention against accidents and guard for the pets.

Turquoise Healing Properties

Turquoise was always used for its healing properties as a gemstone for healing depression, panic attacks, for help with exhaustion and strength. It is believed that it will enhance immune system, physical health and as a help with use of nutrients. This stone is good for detoxifying, rheumatism and stomach problems. Moreover, it can help with problems with the brain, neck, throat, ears and eyes especially if you have migraines and headaches.This stone also helps respiratory system and helps with lung problems and allergies.

As a stone for help with emotional body, it is great stone for healing the spirit and well-being of the whole body. It is great for emotional balance and improves the mood. Turquoise helps bringing focus helping wearer to understand what brings him most happiness. It is used for removing negative energy from the surrounding, clears electromagnetic waves, promotes creative thinking and calming nerves.

Zircon Meaning and Use
as December Birthstone

Zircon is one of the oldest gemstones that was mined. Its name comes from Persian word “zargun” that literally means “gold colored”. In fact, this December birthstone comes in many colors. Most popular are ones that look like Diamonds. Sadly, it is often confused with Cubic Zirconia that is laboratory grown imitation of the diamonds. Many people don’t even know that Zircon is amazing natural gemstone. For sure, Zircon is not that famous as Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire but it is getting more and more popular in the past years.

As a matter of fact, blue Zircon is alternative December birthstone while normal natural Zircon is September birthstone. Gemstone with the blue shade is most popular today. It can be orange, red, yellow, green, brown and without color. Colors are found because of impurities inside the gemstone. Biggest mines today are in Madagascar, Cambodia, Canada, Thailand and Australia where more than 30% of the stone is mined.

Zircon Healing Properties

In the past, people believed that Zircon has interesting healing properties. It was believed that it helps with sleep, brings prosperity, wisdom and honor. This stone can improve self-confidence, help with loving others and itself. Zircon can open your heart and bring compassion.

Zircon is great balancing stone, it will balance your energy and help you relive stress and negative feelings. It was used as talisman of luck, change, growth and improving mind capacity. People use it often for enhancing their potential, solving big problems and as a help for overcoming them.

This stone is used for helping with bladder and liver problems. It is also good for asthma, allergies, cold and for respiratory problems in general.

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