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3 Days as a Berliner

By Teapotshortage @Teapotshortage
3 days as a Berliner
Night train and 6am arrival,
coffee and croissants and a tube to the hostel, long shower and late check in, Brandenberg gate, East Side Gallery, Epic Walk, carton of noodles, street art, yamm beach, room mix up and private apartment, Meeting Theodore, gin and tonic, 70cent supermarket beer, bars in buses, bars in shower rooms, street chicken, angry chicken, period pain and breakfast in bed, hackescher market, shops, cafes and falafal on a plate, the jewish museum, busking and street art on the tube, nap, home made meal, more bars, more beer, vodka mate, cigarettes, basement dj and dancing til 3, farewells at the station, a lie in, clear blue skies, train to the lake, home made tea, nap, late night ice cream, drinks and cigarettes, breakfast in bed, peppermint tea, tube to the station, biscuits and over priced magazine, train delays and 5 hour journey on the floor of the first class carriage, 1st class seats and a scenic view of Germany... Cologne bound

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