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3 Creative Hobbies That You Just Might Love

By Lyndsay @lyndsinreallife

Letting your creative juices flow can be so uplifting and refreshing, and it can certainly help you to improve your quality of life. There are lots of different creative hobbies that you can pursue to occupy your free time, and this guide contains some of the best ideas that you can get involved with today. 

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to uncover some of the most exciting and enjoyable creative hobbies that you can pursue now!

3 Creative Hobbies That You Just Might Love

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Making Artwork: Painting & Drawing

One of the most creative hobbies that you can get involved with is making artwork. Artwork comes in so many shapes and forms, with painting and drawing being some of the most popular choices. Your artwork can be on any subject, and you don’t need to be ‘good’ at painting and drawing to enjoy it! The joy of artwork is that it’s all about perception – one painting might be interpreted completely differently by different people, so you can express yourself on the page in whatever way you see fit. 

The best way to get started with painting and drawing is to buy yourself the right equipment. You’ll likely need an easel of some kind, as well as some paper and a canvas or two. You’ll also need something to actually create your art with, meaning pens, pencils, paints (watercolor, oil, acrylic etc), and potentially something like charcoals too. When it comes to thinking of ideas for what artwork to create, just let your mind run wild. You can go outside and paint a flower you find in a garden, draw a self portrait, or even try to recreate a scene you saw in a dream. You can make something up if you want to, it’s totally your choice! That’s what makes artwork so fun. 

If you need a little direction, then there are countless different tutorials that you can find online. There are video lessons that show you how to draw specific things, or step-by-step instructions on how to get the best results when painting. 

Get Lost In A Story: Reading & Writing 

Getting lost in a story is another creative hobby that you can pursue, as reading and writing are such fun ways to spend an afternoon. It’s so easy to delve deep into a good book, and there are books on every single topic and idea that you could ever imagine. And, if you can’t find a book that you’re interested in, then you can go ahead and write one yourself! Reading and writing can transport you to a whole different world, so there’s no time like the present to get started. 

Reading has been an enjoyable pastime for countless people for many millennia, and there are lots of genres of books that you can get into. In most cases, books are split into two main types: fiction and nonfiction. Fiction can be defined as imaginary or not factual, whereas nonfiction is essentially the real truth. Reading both fiction and nonfiction can be fun, as you can let your imagination run wild to the furthest planes, and then bring yourself right back down to earth learning awe-inspiring facts in the process. 

Writing is just as fun, as you can write about a limitless number of things. You can think up the most mind boggling stories that keep those reading on the edge of their seats, or divulge all of the information that you know about a certain topic or concept. You can even write a poem if you want to, or perhaps writing a script for your own podcast is more your style? Just make sure you take breaks often so that you can keep your inspiration alive, as you risk encountering writer’s block if you sit for too long! Don’t be afraid to look online if you’re stuck too, as you can find support in the form of Claim-Evidence-Reasoning resources amongst other things.  

Move With The Music: Dancing & Singing

Last but by no means least, why not move with the music by dancing the night away or singing your heart out? Music has long been a method of expression, and dancing and signing are just things that seem to come hand in hand with music! Each person has a totally unique and individual taste in music, so you might be someone that’s into rock and roll, or maybe you’re someone that loves hip hop. There’s nothing to say you can’t love both, too! Music often feels like it takes over your body, starting off with a little foot tapping to the beat, and progressing to belting out the lyrics like your life depends on it. 

Dancing is a way of releasing steam, expressing your emotions and simply letting go, as oftentimes you forget where you are (and who’s watching) when you find your rhythm. There are lots of different options to explore if you want to get into this creative hobby, from simply turning up the radio in your kitchen so that you can bust out your best moves, to signing up for dance classes where you can learn recognized styles and likely dance with a partner or as part of a group. Whether you decide to take a ballet class so that you can perfect your pirouette, or just boogie in front of your bedroom mirror while you listen to your favorite playlist, dancing is always a fun, mood boosting activity to indulge in. 

Singing along to the music while you drive down a rural road in the summer sun can make you feel like you’re the star of the latest mega hit music video, and there’s no denying the number of people ready to give their shampoo a concert every time they step in the shower. Singing is a way to express your feelings and even change your mood, as singing your favorite upbeat song when you’re not in the best of headspaces can help you to get back on track. In some cultures singing is even used as a form of healing or meditation, such as Tibetan throat singing.

You’ll have so much fun pursuing these 3 creative hobbies, so get get out there and let your imagination run wild today. 

Thank you for reading!

3 Creative Hobbies That You Just Might Love

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