3 Best Tech Trends Are Developing in Automotive Industry

Posted on the 19 July 2019 by Anees @ZulfiqarAAnees

3 best tech trends are developing in the automotive industry, which will change lots of things. The automobile industry is depending on digital technologies.

Nowadays, digital transformation has to change the field of automobile. At breakneck speed, cars are becoming the accessories of technology.

The digital transformation of trends in automotive is all about consumers expectation and experience.

If the automobile industry develops at such speed, then we can easily travel from one place to another in a very few seconds. In every year, the reputable sources are mentioning the lists of hottest technology trends.

The vehicles will become more innovative such as electrification, autonomous driving, and vehicle data use. Automotive developers want to boost and change their efforts for tech development.

Nowadays, many of the costumers need seamless connectivity. Therefore, the automotive industry is concentrating on connected automobiles this year.

They are also improving the experiences of the driver and other things. Many of the people are saying that the car industry is changing.

The automobile industry is moving to a new and different kind of digitized factory which can create more than 1 billion lines of code at per connected vehicle.

This industry is becoming very much advanced and demanding a new and different type of worker, business model,  and service providing altogether.

In the US, there is lots of development takes place in the automobile industry. For example, light takes eight minutes to travel from the Earth to the sun, but it would take eight months to cover the distance that US vehicles travel every year.

According to the US Department of Transportation, cars are becoming more advanced and developed at every year in the United States of America.

3 Best Tech Trends are Developing in The Automotive Industry

Here Are The 3 Best Tech Trends are Developing In The Automotive Industry;

1. Autonomous Driving Cars

Some year before, Autonomous driving Cars is one of the most popular and essential features that the automobile industry wants to add in the vehicle.

But now, it is very much familiar in some rich countries such as in the US, Europe, France, etc. But now also in many of the places, autonomous driving is a dream of the people.

In this year, because of autonomous driving, the automobile industry will damage. In the year 2018, California had reported collisions of 49 autonomous vehicles.

There are lots of differences between human drivers and autonomous vehicles, and they have to use each other. Now also there are lots of problems present in the system which will take year or decade or more than it to be solved.

There is not a clear sign that we will see autonomous cars this year. But experts are doing their best to make autonomous driving cars safer.

In the past years, there was no legal frameworks and technical requirements present and developed. Autonomous cars have much more risk of cyberattacks, and the driving environment is still lacking smart traffic monitoring and regulation.

Many of the manufacturers of cars include Toyota, GM, Volvo, Ford, and Honda. And they have said that they are planning to adopt the latest technology trends in the automobile industry and release a self-driving car in the next year.

If these manufacturers finally create a self-driving car, then the autonomous vehicle will hit the roads of the rural area because of the high cost.

Because of the autonomous, smart, and Complex feature of autonomous cars, these vehicles will be costly for an individual.

Manufacturers are developing an autonomous shuttle bus between buses and airport terminals to pick up passengers from boarding planes and gates.

2. Connectivity

This technology trend is coming in existence for many years, but this year,  connectivity becomes so prevalent.  Connectivity is very much standard demand of every cars owner and driver.

Cars owner want to get access to music, Alexa, apps, social media, and friends, when they drive the vehicle. The car does not allow the dead zone because of limited productivity.

Connectivity is an essential aspect for human beings and very much significant technology trend. In connectivity, many of the life goes on a usual such as social life, business life, and many others.

In many of the cars, free WiFi is available, but in the year 2020, in each vehicle, free WiFi will be available. The manufacturers of the car all around the world will realize, and they could not sell it without connectivity.

In the year 2020, the investments in the automotive industry will increase to $82 billion because of an experts project that is growing digitalization and advancements in technology.

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3. Big And Fast Data

Because of connectivity in the car, the data should be collected in bulk such as traffic patterns, routes, destination, preferred music, gas station, and favorite restaurants.

The car owners want to focus on how to keep this data secure, safe, and how to use it most effectively. In the year 2020, many of the manufacturers will arrange this thing properly, and some will do arrange it improperly.

I expect that what will determine the difference in which car manufacturers will rise and which one fall. In the latest car models, the most popular word is coming into existence is ‘supercomputers on wheels.’

The meaning of supercomputers on wheels is to add more sensors into vehicles which will help the drivers to pose new challenges and open new opportunities.

Sensor fusion technology has become an essential part of providing solutions for integrating and intelligently manage data. The data can be transfer or shared with the help of fast connectivity capabilities.

New technologies like 5G and LTE-V2X are helping the owners of the car to communicate with other vehicles easily, and smart traffic signs just wirelessly connected to the IoT.

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