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3 Beginner Golf Mistakes You Need To Fix

By Golfforbeginners
beginner golf mistake fixes In order for a golf beginner to move to the next level, it is imperative that you heed the actions of those who have been there and done that - this is precisely why Golf for Beginners is in existence!
This blog helps not only beginners but all amateurs who strive for game improvement.
Let's start with the basics - you need a fairly repeatable golf swing, knowledge of your golf clubs and how they relate to the distances on the course. Golf etiquette should also be learned as soon as possible so that you and your playing partners enjoy a pleasant outing.
That being said, here are three beginner mistakes that can be easily fixed so that you can quickly advance in the learning process.
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1. Hire a Qualified Golf Instructor. This may sound obvious to you but all tour professionals, including Tiger Woods, one of the best golfers in the world, has several golf instructors in his corner, helping him with everything from the mental game to putting. Even if you only take your first set of lessons from the instructor, you will gain invaluable insight into the game and your swing and you will probably enjoy the game more when you play it.
2. Play from the Correct Tees. How many times have you seen golfers want to play with better amateurs and their egos come into play, so they step back to the white tees when they should be playing forward just one tee box (or maybe two)? The stigma attached to moving forward is only mental but you will have more fun playing the game as it should be played, that is, getting onto the green in the correct number of strokes, than you will by having everyone wait for you as you hit shot-after-shot and everyone waits for you to catch up.
3. Know the distance on your clubs. Almost all beginners/amateurs believe they hit a golf ball longer than they really do. Hank Haney once told me that beginners should always club-up if there is no trouble around. I have taken Mr. Haney's advice and it has helped me save par on numerous occasions.
There you have it. A simple golf blog with easy advice this week. Now, get out there and learn something new about your golf game.
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Photo by Jopwell x PGA from Pexels

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