3 Apps to Boost Your Personal Well-Being

Posted on the 18 December 2019 by Anees @ZulfiqarAAnees

Make technology your great ally! These are 3 apps that will help you look and feel much better.

Contrary to what many people think, modern life is not easy. We are under constant stress, we have little time to take care of ourselves and, as if that were not enough, we live under the constant threat of insecurity.

We may not always be able to change the circumstances that surround us, but what we can do is ensure our well-being. In this sense, technology can become a great ally. We share 3 apps for smartphones that will help you feel (and see you) much better.

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Sleep cycle

If you often wake up in a bad mood, this app is for you. SleepCycle is a monitor that tracks your sleep cycles to wake you up when it is lighter. It works like this: you must place your cell phone under your pillow so that it registers your movement and that way I can know what is the optimal time to wake up. The benefits? Waking up while your dream is light will make you feel much more rested throughout the day … and also much more productive!

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This app is perfect for people looking for a comprehensive well-being It allows you to record a large part of your daily activities, even those you do without thinking: the steps you walk, the food you eat, the coffee cups you drink, the calories you burn, your heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure … This way, it allows you to know your daily habits and health trends in order to establish a healthier routine.

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This app also allows you to monitor your daily activity, albeit at a slightly deeper level: you can keep track of the calories you consume by simply scanning the barcode, monitoring your sleep trends, daily distances, changes in your weight, etc. And if that was not enough, make graphs and charts that allow you to analyze your progress, as well as send you positive messages to keep you motivated.

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