3 Amazing Stones Selected as June Birthstones

Posted on the 29 December 2018 by Emil Sipos @emilPsipos

Unique just as the month and Zodiac sign that is associated with it, people born in June as Gemini are more than lucky. They have both good and hard choice to decide which will be their main June birthstone: Pearl, Alexandrite or Moonstone.

Pearls symbolize love, success and happiness. They are more popular and widely used. We may say that every person has heard about them. On the other hand, Alexandrite is not that well known. It was discovered in 1839 in Ural Mountains and it is most expensive due to its rarity. It is believed that it brings good luck. Moonstone is milky colored gemstone that has low hardness. It is associated with lunar magic and mystery.

Other birthstones for persons born in June:

  • Agate – Ancient Arabic, Russian and Polish June birthstone, Gemini birthstone
  • Chalcedony – Ancient Arabic, Russian and Polish June birthstone
  • Emerald – Hebrew, Roman and Italian June birthstone, Gemini talisman stone, Cancer Sun stone
  • Chrysoprase – Gemini Sun stone
  • Tigers Eye – Gemini planetary stone
  • White Sapphire – Gemini Sun stone
  • Ruby – Cancer Sun stone
  • Sapphire – Cancer talisman stone
  • Citrine – Gemini Sun stone

When choosing Gemini birthstone, you need to take into consideration many things. Mainly, you need to think about your personality and traits. Since you can choose and pick one of the three main gemstones you have to be honest with yourself. Please make sure that you understand all properties of the following birthstones and choose one that suits you best.

Pearl Use, Meaning and Healing Properties

Pearl is one of the most traditional jewelry gemstones. It is used as precious stone for centuries. Many cultures used in the past this stone in jewelry thanks to its beauty. It is most unique gemstone as only one that is actually created by a living creature. This uniqueness gives it ability to come in many different colors, sizes and shapes.

Pearl is connected to the moon mostly because of its soft glow. Myths say that it is formed as a teardrop of the moon that felled into the sea. For centuries traits of this precious gemstone are associated with persons born in June. Because of that people associate them with charity, loyalty, wisdom and purity.

People use pearls for its calming effect. If you live chaotic life or go through hard period, this gemstone will help you get through it. It will help you determine right from wrong, it will help you realize what is going on. This precious stone will also help you love yourself, to become generous and open to love.

Alexandrite Use, Meaning and
Healing Properties

Alexandrite is newly discovered gemstone used as June birthstone. Story goes that miners where looking for Emeralds. Once they came back to the camp and put them by the light, they started to shine in the shades of red. They knew that they found something very valuable, totally unique and mysterious. Thanks to its special characteristics, we refer to them now as “Emeralds by day – Ruby’s by night.”

Alexandrite is pretty rare gemstone mostly because it was discovered in 19th century. Its variants can be different in color, from green as Emeralds to yellowish green and brown-green. Today it is mined in Russia, Brazil, Madagascar, India and Tanzania.

Alexandrite is now known as gemstone that will bring balance between material and spiritual world. It is used for unlocking Crown chakra providing access to healing and loving support of the universe. This stone will strengthen your intuition, unleash imagination, boost creativity and remind you of the happy moments of your life. It will give you courage, hope and strength when you are down.

Moonstone Use, Meaning and
Healing Properties

Moonstone meaning lies where its energy is. Healing power of this stone can provide passion, nourish and boost your feminine energy. This stone can guide you on your path. Moonstone is associated with your inner goddess. It is main symbol of sensuality and fertility just like the first glance of the Moon through the evening sky. By wearing Moonstone crystal, you will instantly feel more confident, you will ward off negative emotions and increase your intuition.

Moonstone is great gemstone for therapeutic healing sessions. All you need to do is to sit at the place that is free of distractions and clutter. Meditate with it and think about your plans and intentions, your goals and dreams. Repeat this simple ritual during the full moon and you will experience the change.

This stone is used for opening Heart chakra. Philosophers in the ancient times used it for its healing effects. Moonstone was always prized for its beautiful shades of elegant white color and silky shimmer. In jewelry, its best setting is with silver and gold. Its connection with feminine energy can aid with balancing your aura and wishes. It is powerful gemstone that can mean a lot of things but when used as a birthstone or lucky gemstone, it will bring joy and the magic of the Moon into your life.

What You Should Do With June Birthstones

If you are that lucky to be born in June, you can do so much with your Gemini birthstones. Considering that you know now some more, you should spend some time and dig deeper into their healing power, energy and capabilities. Maybe Alexandrite is a bit out of your budget for now but you can always choose Pearls or Moonstone. Pearls can bring you abundance for sure and get you closer to the Alexandrite if that is your main decision.

Whatever your decision is, you will feel better, you will be aligned with your feelings and on a right path. Meditate when you find some time with your chosen June birthstone crystal and you will take matters into your own hands.

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