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2Captcha Review 2019: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Pros & Cons)

Posted on the 19 October 2019 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

In this post, I have featured my honest and trustworthy 2Captcha Review 2019 that includes detailed insights of this platform like its functionality, pricing, sign-up process, and more.

So let's get started here.

2Captcha Review 2019: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Read Truth)

Detailed 2Captcha Review:

As the name suggests, 2Captcha is an online CAPTCHA solving and image recognition service that is quite reliable and affordable as well.

2Captcha Review 2019: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Pros & Cons)

2captcha was originated around 2016. And basically, it is a software which generally helps with solving captchas and recognizing images. This platform solves your captchas with higher accuracy and in order to get started with this platform you need to just:

Getting your captchas answered is so simple and straightforward with this platform called 2Captcha.

It's quick and easy as well. This platform offers lower prices and higher accuracy for your CAPTCHAs.

Basically, all the captchas are recognized by humans and by their workers. The best part is that 2Captcha services is fully automated so that anyone can easily configure their software once with 2Captcha and forget the rest. All the hard work will be done by this platform.

2Captcha For Workers

Also if you're a freelance and wanted to earn money then you get paid for solving captchas. Usually, captcha's contains a kind of distorted text inside the image.

Basically, the user has to tackle the puzzle the user has to type the text in the answer box in order to gain access to the website and to prove that they are not robots. And if in case it is not typed correctly you are asked to refresh the code until you get the right.

2Captcha Review 2019: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Pros & Cons)

So when you get registered with 2captcha, you can simply upload the text you want it to be answered and with an average of 12 seconds, it gets someone to solve for you. On the second end right for every captcha uploaded and solved by you get paid by 2Captcha.

How does 2Captcha actually work?

2Captcha has customers who mainly need to recognize many captchas in real-time. And luckily 2Captcha have the workers who are actually willing and waiting to solve captchas. Simply 2Captcha service is to deliver captchas from their customers to their works and once the captcha is solved 2Captcha delivers the answer to the customers.

And in the process, the customer gets charged for getting that Captcha answered and that worked who solved the captcha gets paid for it.

  • Initially, workers request a captcha.
  • The customers get to upload a captcha to this platform called 2Captcha.
  • They generally provide a unique ID to the captcha send this id to the customer and also charge his balance for captchas.
  • And later they assign that captcha to a worker from the queue( to that person who has been waiting for a long time)
  • Then the worker immediately solve the captcha and send the answers to their service
  • Later they store that answer to their database and add funds to the worker's account for solving the captcha.
  • And when customers request answer by the ID of captcha 2Captcha then return the answer or if the answer is not ready they inform them to wait for little time
  • If the answer was incorrect, the customer complains about the inaccuracy recognition and then the answer is checked by the workers with high ratings to decide whether the answer was correct or not.

So this was the simple working interface of this platform called 2Captcha. So you have an idea now how this platform actually works. Let's check average captcha waiting time in seconds:

2Captcha Review 2019: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Pros & Cons)

2Captcha API

Basically, 2Captcha is a kind of human-powered image and CAPTCHA recognition service. The main purpose of it is to solve CAPTCHAS in a quick and accurate manner by human employees so that it customer get instant access to a website that they are trying to access.

It does not have limited access to captcha solving but one can convert to text any image that humans can recognize.

The best part is that 2Captcha also provides an API that allows one to automate the process and integrate your software to the 2Captcha service. There are few steps for solving the captcha problem and they are as follows:

The best part is that with 2Captcha API you can also get some additional information like the balance, current rates and more.

  • simply send your image or captcha to their servers
  • Get the ID of your task by 2Captcha
  • Begin the cycle that checks if your task is completed.
  • Get the result instantly in mere just seconds.

About earning on 2Captcha? Do They Really Pay?

2Captcha is a reliable platform that generally allows you to earn your first money on the internet simply by solving the captcha. The work is monotonous and trust it's not a big deal to solve captchas.

It is a good starting point for your way to big earnings on the internet. One needs to be sure that you will receive each sent that you have earned and also you will not be scammed. The best part is that 2Captch is a reliable and legit platform to start earning and you can trust them. Really with 2Captcha you get paid every cent you earn there.

In order to get started anyone just need a computer or a smartphone with an internet connection and also need to pass a simple training that literally takes 5-10 minutes

Working for 2Captcha is very simple just click the start button then the system will start to show you the images with the text and then you have to type that text in the form and that's it.

Why 2Captcha is paying for solving a CAPTCHA?

You would love to know that 2Captcha has customers who send captchas to recognize in order to get access to the websites. Solving this can save their time and for that those customers pay 2 Captcha.

If you'll find 2Captcha Scam then just google review of 2Captcha you'll find many reviews done by trusted blogs and marketers on the Internet. It is not a scam rather it's a good opportunity if you're looking to make money on the Internet ethically.

They generally provide 24*7 services it totally depends on you that how much you can work. It's all on your convenience.

Easy earning without investments

2Captcha Prices For Customers | Workers Paying Rates Also Included

  • $0.5 for 1-2 hours depending on server load
  • Different payout methods
  • Minimal payout from $0.5
  • No payout fees. The exact amount you earned can directly be available on your wallet

As of now, you're familiar with this 2Captcha platform. The pricing plans offered by this platform for a customer is quite simple, fixed and affordable as well. And for the workers, I'm not gonna it's too much they are paying. But the kind of work for which you're getting paid is good to go.

So let's check the pricing plans of this platform:

The rates for customers is fixed. Customers have to pay $0.88 per 1000 normal captchas.

Pricing for the customers:
2Captcha Review 2019: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Pros & Cons)

And a customer wanted to get solved Recaptcha then customers need to pay $2.99 per 1000 ReCaptchas.

The solving speed for the normal captcha will be like the 20s for a single captcha. And for the ReCaptchas the speed will be like 33s.

2Captcha Review 2019: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Pros & Cons)
2Captcha Review 2019: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Pros & Cons)
Let's check the payments for the workers

Let's check the average rate for workers:

2Captcha Review 2019: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Pros & Cons)

Who Could Make Use Of This 2Captcha Platform As Freelance Worker?

  • Normal Captcha/Text Captcha ( $ 0.5- $ 1): Simply here the rate is flexible and depends on the current load of the service. Here you just see the current rate and limit max rate in your account settings as well. The platform is quite flexible for its users.
  • ReCaptcha V2 ($ 2.99): The rate applies to Google's ReCaptcha V2 solved via token too.
  • ReCaptcha V2 ($ 2.99): The simple rate applies to Google's ReCaptcha V3.
  • GeeTest ($ 2.99): The simple rate applies to GeeTest captcha.
  • Distil ($ 2.99): The simple rate applies to Distil API.
  • ReCaptcha V2 ($ 1.2): The rate applies to any captcha where you need to click images is $1.2
  • RotateCaptcha/FunCaptcha ($ 0.5): The rate applies to any captcha where you need to rotate images.
  • FunCaptcha Token Method ($ 2.99): The rate applies to FunCaptcha solved via token and it's quite simple.
  • KeyCaptcha ($ 2.99): The rate applies to KeyCaptcha.
  • hCaptcha ($ 2.99): The rate applies to hCaptcha.

If you really want to start earning money online then 2Captcha is a great platform to get started right away.

2Captcha comes into play here and it offers freelance workers opportunity. 2Captcha workers mainly deliver an average of 10,000 captchas per minute per and every hour of the day. And really it is a lot of automation!

These 2Captcha workers need to come from somewhere and you can enter there easily and effortlessly. For those who want to earn money in their spare time, they think they have a fast writing speed or they love to solve captchas, 2Captcha is the best platform you have got.

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Final Verdict: 2Captcha Review 2019 | Is It Worth The Hype??

As of now, you might have an in-depth overview of this 2Captcha platform like how it works, the pricing, interface & API and more.

So if you're one of them looking for a reliable online captcha solving and image recognition service then 2Captcha is good to go with. This platform is quite better from its competitors as it offers higher accuracy, lower prices, higher speeds, great affiliate program and commissions as well.

You can get started with them right away without having any second thought.

I hope this post suits your purpose well. And if you find this 2Captcha Review helpful then you can share it on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

2Captcha Review 2019: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Pros & Cons)

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