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278. April is the Kindest Month.*

By Piperade
1st April. One of my Basque friends has often spoken to me of the "abandoned village" of Aritzakun (here between Elizondo and Bidarray) in Navarre (in the beautiful Baztan valley) and I've always been curious about it. Looking at the map, it's just to the south of the Col des Veaux where Allied airmen used to cross into Francoist Spain, led by their Basque guides (Comet Line). I really must go there once this confinement has been lifted. Meanwhile, here's a video that shows how once a year, those born in the now-deserted village return to celebrate their roots - very important here. It was abandoned in the 1980s..
* April gets you out of your head and out working in the garden.
Marty Rubin

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